Monday, June 26, 2006

Mission Impossible 3

There is an intensity surrounding Tom Cruise that compels us to relate to him. Ethan Hunt wants to be someone, he is unfit to be and gets repeatedly pulled back into being someone he is well trained for. Tom Cruise plays Ethan Hunt with a good mix of reluctance and competence the role requires. You have to watch it. This is very good entertainment. All the gadgets are there. Despite predictable things happening at predictable time intervals, it is mostly edge of the seat stuff. Ofcourse this is not a noir movie, it is not the first installment, its not some deep profound stuff that would make Kurosawa soil his pants. Its a regular entertainer. So make sure you know what movie you are getting into.

This is a 'masala' movie. But one of the very best masala's you will see. The action is fast paced. Really fast. And it is done in a cool Hi-tech kind of way. You are being entertained by windmills in Berlin, high-rise buildings in China, rendezvouz in the Vactican. You have no time to ponder the way you did when paradoxes in "Being John Malkovich" were thrown at you. It is 'masala'. A kind of masala Rajinikanth will do if he was a hollywood superhero, which is what Tom Cruise is. I love such movies. The whole rabbit's foot concept is similar to a DeNiro movie called Ronin, released 5-6 years ago. My roommates and I, (re)named Ronin "Petti Kulla Enna irukku" (whats in the bag?). Ofcourse K.Balachander, the master movie maker, touched a similar concept in Vaname Ellai several years before.

Rabbit's foot, the motive for this story is completely irrelevant to the movie. Yes! it is funny when I say that. As the tape self-destructs 5 seconds after Ethan Hunt gets the message, it is surprisingly 15 minutes after the movie begins. The narrative arc of the movie is so similar to Kaakha Kaakha - infact it is exactly the same. A tense sequence is shown and the story goes back in time and narrates events leading up to the point. You sort of know whats going to happen but you are waiting to be supplied with context. This makes the movie really interesting.

This MI series has (un)intentionally become the American version of James Bond and is increasingly following the screenplay pattern of its British counterpart. Yes! you have their fancy make-up masks, the voice modulators, Ethan Hunt hanging face-down with a rope tied behind his back. However, it is as unlike MI-2 as it is unlike MI-1. Which is actually good news because John Woo left this series in ruins. Philip Seymour Hoffman has a small part to play. He is much impressive in the 5 minutes he appears than the half-baked Bend it like Beckham coach who plays sidekick.

A must watch. Yes! there are some illogical moments and out-of-real-world scenarios - like songs in our movies. But its well worth the money.


Murali said...

hi hawkeye :)

i saw MI 3 too... guess, what the rabbit's foot is will be revealed only in MI 4... cha... till the very end they dint say what it is na...

After all the action n hullah-bullah over its possession, from one country to another n all tat... i have a feeling its gonna be something trivial ... very trivial :)

Preethi said...

I had loads of fun watching MI 3. The screenplay was racy and Tom Cruise was cute. What else do we need? ;) It was a total masala movie. I almost felt I was watching a hi-tech Tamil movie. But good time pass!

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Yeah I agree with this one... I rated it at 3/5... definitely hall-watchable.