Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Movie Review: Click

This is not a comedy movie. The trailors really mislead you. Its a movie which expands on "All work and no play makes jack a dull boy" Adam Sandler is so busy becoming one of the top architects in the city that he forgets to live his life. He has no time for children, mom & dad, wife, and even foreplay. This is when Chritopher Walken walks in and gives him a universal remote. Sandler can navigate through his life using this remote control's menu. It treats his life like a DVD movie and there are "chapters" on his childhood etc. He can see Picture in Picture, reduce volume when his dog barks at him, change his color/contrast/brightness. There is even a "making of .." section which shows his parents in the act of creating him :-)

I expected this movie (beause of the rushes) to be something that plays with time. No thats not it. He mostly fast-forwards aspects of his life that he does not like - like talking to his parents, doing work around the house, when he falls sick, and of course foreplay - he forwards it all. That is this movie's only trick. After you get it there is nothing more to it. He just keeps doing the same thing again and again fast-forwarding life until his own end. The twist in the end is just too obvious. Really obvious. The moment the seed was sown in the initial part of the movie, I turned to my wife and pointed it out.

The twist isn't important. The movie dwells on that fact that family is more important that career. People are so engrossed in salary hike, promotions etc they have no clue what their real priorities should be. Which is true. I think everybody knowse it but we just can't do anything about it. If our bank accounts has 11 digit balances (excluding things after decimal point) then we can consider keeping family first. The movie tries to drive home what every other proverb wants us to believe. Adam Sandler is such a lovable actor. He has a nice way of saying things and you feel like you've known him forever. Walken in the few moments he appears is as usual impressive. In fact he brings the movie alive when it is busy sending us into coma.

Below average movie. You can see it if they show it free on HBO.


Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Me first!!! Yaayyy!!

The idea in the movie seems nice... watch your own life as a DVD movie!

But is it that predictable? Ok, if you say so... HBO material :)

doofus said...

HBO doesnt come for free.. just to nitpick

Hawkeye said...


okay okay! :-)


certainly one of those movies u'd catch 10 minutes at a time over a period of 6 months.