Tuesday, June 13, 2006

On Introductions - II

Admist all the introductions I have been getting in the past two days, I tried to remember the first person, I introduced my wife to.

It was my first outing with her after we decided to get married. I was with her and my parents in Marina beach. My parents know a lady who sells Jasmine flowers in the beach for many many years. My parents have been regular visitors to the beach before I was even born and if you walk by Gandhi statue on a Saturday afternoon - you can't miss them. We were walking on the pavement towards Gandhi statue and she stopped my mom in her usual friendly/taken-for-granted tone. When my wife was introduced to her the thrill in her face was unmistakable, she exclaimed a shy congratulation, cut an extra 'mozham' of Jasmine flowers and gave it to my wife.

It was kind of a Tasters Choice/Kodak moment.


Sridhar said...

Nice! I dont remember the first person I introduced my wife. Must be my uncle or someone.

But nice!

Nilu said...

what the hell is the deal with P.Vasu taking over all tamil bloggers.....niruthanum, ellathayum niruthanum..

Anonymous said...

nice posts.some of ur posts are truly hilarious .the blouse piece and the one regarding kerala.Gr8 job

tilotamma said...

yaaru - P.Vasu?

Hawkeye said...


did u get hit on the head? :-) or did nilu's 'niruthanum' dialog throw you off-track?


sathyama -- P.Vasu yarnnu theriyadhu.