Monday, June 05, 2006

Tips Regarding Logistics of Conducting Marriage

Some tips on what I usually instruct the caterers and other associated people when they are called to conduct a marriage in my house.

  • Coffee should not be reheated on and on from morning 5:00 AM until the last person has had coffee at 8:00 AM. Coffee once prepared should not be reheated. This is the primary reason why marriage coffee sucks.
  • The people serving in the dining room must be neatly dressed. Nobody should serve without wearing a shirt. Should wear plastic gloves. People who have cold and are pulling back phlegm from their noses shouldn't be allowed inside the kitchen.
  • Ghee should be new, good and should not smell. Otherwise it should not be served at all
  • Rice should not be overly watery or over dry.
  • People serving should not be indiffierent, rude and arrogant. They are part of the hospitality group.
  • It is okay if more food is served and is wasted than people wanting food and no food is available.


  • Having gimmics and special effects like girl and boy flying to America in some fancy car. Girls photo in Boy's heart and vice versa, Boy opening his Blazer and girl appearing in his pocket - All this nonsense is best avoided. The couple look like a bunch of buffoons 10 years later.
  • The videographer should not be allowed into the dining room. Watching other people eat is not a pleasant sight. Capturing that in video and viewing 'Mani' periappa attacking the Jangiri while rice particles continue to spill out of his mouth is not exactly archive footage material. Infact watching somebody eating and watching somebody shitting is not much different.
  • The videographer's job is to capture the important parts without ordering everybody around. The video surrounds the marriage. Not the other way around.

Visting People

  • Having 2 people who can identify relatives and welcome them is important. Those 2 people are difficult to find as they do not want to miss the function.
  • Use a Mike to announce whats happening in the stage above. For example - announce the name of the girl's uncle who is giving some veshti etc. It helps everybody know whats going on.
  • Take a mike and announce to the audience certain conduct related instructions. Tell them when the marriage is official over (It is NOT over when the boy ties the mangal sutra). And as to when the visitors can approach the bride and groom to shake hands and deposit the gift.
  • For visiting people - It is INCORRECT to go and shake hands with the couple whenYOU think the marriage is over. Some people are particular that the rules need to be followed and ceremony is conducted properly. Respect that regardless of your own personal beliefs. That you have 4 other marriages to cover does not allow you to pause the marriage proceedings and talk to the groom. This is where the mike comes in handy.

I highly recommend the MRC Nagar Ramanathan Chettiyar Hall. It is one of the best Marriage Halls I have ever seen.


Kaps said...

I guess u have a job readily waiting for you. Arusuvai Arasu and Chellappa should be getting scared.

Maybe u should add that people who are in a hurry to go to office should not wear footwear and come near the bride and the groom.

Anonymous said...

Some really good tips. I am in the process of arranging a wedding and will surely keep these points in mind.

Have enjoyed many of your articles.

All the best.

The Desi Nole said...

So it happened...

Congratulate him, its not like he ever picks up the phone

Nilu said...

nuke the damn place....gosh! these idiots..

but I would invest in the "wedding industry" if a company did offer its services for a 'ccomplete wedding care'.

Anonymous said...

hey..good getting married in jan and some of the tips are helpful..i have also enjoyed your other articles...keep it up!

Anonymous said...

hey..good getting married in jan and some of the tips are helpful..i have also enjoyed your other articles...keep it up!

Twisted DNA said...

Top notch post. Very funny.

I don't agree with this though:
>The couple look like a bunch of
>buffoons 10 years later.
The couple looks like baffoons immediately :)

Anu said...

Good one. Hope the wedding went off well. Send me pictures if you can.


Hawkeye said...


good one! thats another common irritant - and they get angfry when you ask them to drop the chappals.


thanks ! hope all your weddings go great

Hawkeye said...


avan engayooo poitaan

Hawkeye said...


i agree there are lot of folks worth nuking. but it is a profitable high-margin business.

i wudn't know about investing. its very volatile where there is a good chance that ur CEO may be beheaded if he puts too much salt in a tutcorin-madurai jilla wedding :-)

Hawkeye said...

twisted dna,

i never understood how it grew to a point where better FX became USP of some videographers.

Hawkeye said...


thanks! the wedding went well.

tilotamma said...

amam, yaar kalyanam. it is ages since I have made it to one.

Vasu the terrible said...

:)) I loved the photographer bit. Agree with your point about MRC nagar kalyana mandapam. but isnt it too big ??


Suresh Ramani said...


Why wasn't I invited???

u back yet?

Always ! said...

Good and simple stuff that makes a wedding much better !

Well captured and presented !

vidhu said...

yet again, a very nice post. I tried to capture the relatives part of it in one of my blogs, but yours captures it in full.

thanks!! :-)

Hawkeye said...


anuj'an kalyanam.


it has a smaller mandapam also. which is 70% the size of the bigger one.

Hawkeye said...






Thanks. you have a good blog going.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, went thru' your blog and got some helpful tips :) can you pl tell me where is this other MRC mandapam( which has 70% capacity of the big one ) located??WE are looking for a full A/C mandapam and we are having a hard time finding one. !!:(any help will be appreciated. Also our main criteria are :A/C hall total capacity about 600, anywhwere in Adyar,Nung,./ Mylapore/T'gr areas..any help will be greatly appreciated..thanks again for the tips...