Thursday, June 15, 2006

'Vejjitariyan' - II

Arguments for vegetarianism should not say things like " all the animals will get depleted, become extinct and the lifecycle/food chain will be upset".

Apart from upsetting Poornam Viswanathan and his fans, such as I (or is it 'me'), who love to repeat his dialog "vayasu ayidthu..... vejjitariyaan" - it violates the arguments logic.

Loss of animals is just notion for us. On the other hand it is food for non-vegetarians. I am sure they will be more concerned than us to ensure that food continues to appear on their plate. They will see to it that the relevant animals don't die/deplete/become-extinct. Especially the ones that are loved a lot and eaten more.


Anu said...

Now I know where my husband learnt that dialogue from - "vayasu ayidthu.....vejjitariyaan" .He uses it on me every now and then as an excuse for not doing the chores.

Hawkeye said...

its from kamal Hasan's Mahanadhi. a few days with me and my room mates in OSU wud put this dialog in your mind for a long time. your husband spent 20 days with me. its tattoed on his brain.

plus i remind it to him every other time we speak.

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Hawkeye, what does that mean? "vayasu ayidthu.....vejjitariyaan"

Any food is always welcome, be in vegetarian or non-vegetarian. And yes, we non-vegetarians do enjoy all of what appears on our plate, and will surely take care that they keep coming! :)

Hawkeye said...

it means "i am old and I am a vegetarian" . He uses it in a context where he wants to avoid doing hard physical labor in jail and so cites this reason.

I continue to say that to avoid doing work in the house.

Anonymous said...

"I have become old, may be because I am a vegetarian..."

is that ok

Sunshine said...

My husband is a vegetarian and this is his arguement: It's wrong to kill a living being just for the pleasure of eating, especially when so much of (vegetarian) food is available. I think I agree with him, but somehow, I'm still a non-vegetarian..

sowmya said...

isn't there one in MMKR...'thirupu, kshamichukko, vejjiterianaakkum balamillai'...when K is hanging out of that precarious building on the cliff..

Hawkeye said...


in many ways i can live with simple food. But i still go for masala dosai and the whole kalyana sapaadu. NV is an expansion of that.

pleasure of taste is like religion - its so personal - very hard to impose on anyone. even the spouse.

Hawkeye said...


aah another classic maybe the V - V starting in "vayasuayiduthu Vejjitariyan" makes it so catchy. otherwise MMKR is as cool as anything.

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Hawkeye, this means the comparison is more than just the food.... you seem to be saying that home = jail :)

Just kidding!