Friday, June 16, 2006

X Men: Last Stand

There was a rumor that Brett Ratner screwed it up. Its not that bad. The 'empathy' factor for superhero movies is okay, once in a while - like spiderman II used it. That movie was where I could certainly see and undertsand the makers trying to make us relate to the travails of the main characters. But too much of it takes away the charm of why people go to see action hero movies. Superman III left a bad taste in the mouth. It is time for some regular super hero movies with the emotional element turned down.
XMen III tries to make us empathize with the rights of mutants. It expects us to say "no wayyy dooode" when they suggest the serum is actually a "cure". Well its difficult. I honestly don't care for the mutants. I dont even care to view it as a metaphor for some other issue in current-affairs. I dont even know where to start if I should begin to act concerned about the emotional trauma of the mutants. I am here to see gimmics, cool special effects and action. If I wanted deep emotional stuff, I wouldn't come to a movie made out of Marvel Comics.
What happens when Brett Ratner and his writers try to cross XMen with Ekta Kapoor or a Selvi is - XMen III? It doesn't leave a bad taste in your mouth or completely melodramatic but I came out with a feeling that they could have come out with a better excuse to showcase the action and the FX than such a deep story. Its so complex that while the story in itself interests you, its a small movie with a lot of action to cover, there is limited scope for further story/character development and everybody looks half-baked. Its like seeing the 90 minute trailor of the movie than the actual movie itself.
Dont be misled by my negative tone. XMen III is good and certainly watchable. The special effects are awesome and Patrick Stewart, Ian Mckellen bring their own charm. Although people were upset with Ratner trying new commercial gimmics like the Juggernaut etc, I was happy with those things. To be honest he has tried his best to balance factors which draw non-regular viewer Vs comic book nerds. "Action" is the reason why I go and watch XMen. Give me more of it and less of story (mm..I have said this somewhere else also :-) ).


Anonymous said...

i see a fall of quality in ur bogging.i something being a hindrance for u to write as better as earlier.. or are you ery busy ... ????


Ritesh said...


i actually find its better now. the posts are shorter and sweeter. Whats more its frequent.

Hawkeye said...

either both are saying then_good and now_good o saying then_bad and now_bad.

it is what it is.

Nilu said...

athellam seri - did u get hit on the head? actually get into a debate with Thennavan?.....kadavule..intha bharatha kappathu..

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Yes, I agree with your view of the movie. It leaves an unfinished taste in the mouth.... you wish the action had gone on some more...

Hema said...

Hello Hawkeye,
Although i've never known you before, I almost made your link a "everyday must read", read all your posts, enjoyed them a lot...but off late...despite being shorter, i guess you are losing your sense of humour, sense of being more objective in your blogs...refrained from commenting off late and now i am almost removing it from my favourite links.....

Come on!!! Give us some interesting reads

Hawkeye said...


thanks for the comment. i know i have been kinda dark in my recent posts. im thinking its a passing phase.

i've always tried to be receptive to feedback while at the same time trying to be myself and write what is on the top of my mind at the moment.lets see..

Mumbai Girl said...


Your writing is awesome. seriously. The last one month has been much better than ever. Kerala 101 was your funniest post ever.

You have changed, kept pace with time. these people are locked in some past. Dont listen to them and change your style. They say this not because of a fall in your quality but because they disagree with you.

Hema said...

Dear MumbaiGirl,

If i had disagreed with anything that was said, I would have commented on that for sure as i had always done with previous blogs of Hawkeye. It was more an observation than any disagreement that i had raised. If you had read his old blogs especially the ones on Blousepiece transactions and those that he wrote at that time, You would have clearly seen a lot more sense of humour and more interestingly a lot of analysis coming from Hawkeye compared to those that he wrote offlate.

I do not mean to criticise anything as i firmly believe it wont achieve anything with anyone but lead to fruitless arguments as was the case with some "anonymous" comments in his previous posts. I believe this section is more to "discuss" than "argue" as arguments most often doesnt achieve anything.

My observations were more a genuine concern and I am happy that Hawkeye had responded to it constructively.
However I do completely understand you are entitled to your own perception as well. I just wanted to clarify that I am not commenting on quality becuase i disagree.