Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Chennai RTI

Before I start my Chennai RTI pitch, a quick 'light bulb moment'. I met one of the Chennai RTI person in my brother's wedding. They had come up with a very innovative idea for the wedding gift. They donated Rs 1000 to a charity organization in the Groom's name and gave the receipt to the groom as a wedding gift. I thought this was an awesome idea. Some people also donated money to temples and just enclosed the receipt as a wedding gift. I was totally impressed by this. Again, just a thought you could have next time you sit to decide on a wedding gift. Okay moving on to Chennai RTI.

What is RTI?

It is called Right To Information Initiative.

Here is an excerpt from Anti's blog (Please read the blog for all the details on RTI. Its your chance to stop whinging about the government and do some help)

What is this?

This is a citizens’ initiative whose objective is to spread awareness among fellow citizens about effecting a transparent and accountable government.

Can you tell me more about this?
This initiative will
• Aim to encourage participatory democracy.
• Use legal and constitutional methods to achieve its objective.
• Not be an NGO or a political organization.
• Strive to be a people’s movement.
• Be built on the effort of volunteers who will spend less than three hours a week on projects pertaining to this initiative.
• Not require solicitation of funds/donations from volunteers.

Here is more on whats happening to RTI. Again .... Please go to Anti's blog and Anti's blog. He has accurately summed up in these 3 posts as to what RTI is all about (reminds of of Einstein and his driver joke but lets not get into that).

Where is it?

Want to change your world? Join the Tamil Nadu Right to Information Initiative. Drop in at the the address given below between 9am and 5pm one of these days.

Bharatiyar Ninaivu Illam,
No 83, TP Koil Street,

Whats Happening There?

There is a national RTI campaign on right now (from July 1 - July 15). NDTV & CNN-IBN have been giving good coverage to the campaign. Tamilnadu junta are starting it this week. ChennaiRTI and a few NGOs are working together for the TN arm of the campaign. For logistical reasons, the Chennai part of the campaign starts on Wednesday.

Is anybody Blogging about it?

Okay Now moving on to Flyer 1

Here is Flyer 2


The Desi Nole said...

Hold on hold on. Remember that christmas episode with George and his boss donating muchos $$$.

But seriously, this is a very nice idea. Its like the wedding registry here, except they contribute to a good cause.

tilotamma said...

They do it here too, desi nole - the invites carry a list of charities the couple would like you to donate to.