Thursday, July 27, 2006

Indian School Text Books

It seems they are going to peep into text books and look for communal elements.

While these ministers will actually be opening school books for the very first time in their lives, it also means more brain washing is about to happen. We have a fantasy fiction subject called Social Studies, History & Civics. It basically takes bull shitting to a new level. Imagine the carnage that will happen if you give the syllabus editing rights to an evangelist. The brainwashing that has happened so far is much worse than that. So worse that I had to spend years after college to actually learn history and forget the crap that was fed.

Now Congress + DMK will continue to whore up the text books through out the country and make it tell lies about people from Akbar, Aurangazeb to Gandhi and Nehru. Language histories will be distorted, gay sounding eulogies will be written as facts.

Na. Ko. Naansense!


tilotamma said...

while you are on the topic, check out this article if you have the time:

Deepa said...

Unrelated: "whore up the textbook" - first time I am coming across this usage. Is it inspired from IAEA's "sexed up report"?;-)

Hawkeye said...


thanks for the link. will send u a mail. i wanted tow rite one sometime before.


i just made it up. no inspiration other than the fact that many people editing history.

Sunshine said...

Forgive my ignorance, but what's Na.Ko.Naansense?

RaajK said...
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RaajK said...

A precursor to the story

Hawkeye said...


as we said in 6th std. for the ears boys only - swear word :-)


thanks for the link. that sort of invalidates the example but the rant is still true.