Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Language/Scripts: Tamil-Brahmi Script found in Thailand

In continuation of blog posts on learning about Ancient Indian Languages series, The Hindu Reports that a Tamil-Brahmi inscription, dated around 2 A.D, was found on pottery in Thailand. Prof. Richard Solomon, University of Washnton, US, an expert in Indian Epigraphy says;

Prof. Richard Salomon of the University of Washington, U.S., an expert in Indian Epigraphy, has made the following comment on the inscription:

"I am happy to hear that the inscription in question is in fact Tamil-Brahmi, as I had suspected. This is important, among other reasons, because it presents a parallel with the situation with Indian inscriptions in Egypt and the Red Sea area. There we find both Tamil-Brahmi inscriptions and standard-Brahmi insciptions; and we now see the same in Vietnam and South-East Asia. This indicates that the overseas trade between India to both the West and the East involved people from the Tamil country and also other regions."

Iravatham Mahadevan adds: "Already we know of the existence of a touchstone engraved in Tamil in the Tamil-Brahmi script of about the third or fourth century AD found in Thailand and presently kept in a museum in the ancient port city of Khuan Luk Pat in Southern Thailand. There is every hope that the ongoing excavations of the Thai-French team will bring up more evidence of ancient contacts between India and Thailand."


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Karikala Cholan was supposed to have built a 300meter wide interlocking granite dam against the Cauvery in 1AD. Can one assume they had both written and spoke skills at that time?