Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Smart Ass: Reservation

One more Question to increase my world knowledge.

Is the chapter over? Have all the bloggers who were offended or made happy by it, followed-up with Arjun Singh to ascertain if he read their opinions and changed the bill accordingly? (No offense meant to the select few bloggers who had gathered enough reader agreement on their rigorous use of logic to argue for/against reservation, and have decided to contest elections, based on the new found support)

Seriously, right now, how relevant to our lives is the current state of the doctors, who were striking, and how is it different from an asteroid losing a splinter of matter, near Alpha Centuari?

On a related note: How do I find out if some affair, is like, still a current affair? (You see I just skip the newspaper and go straight to the sports section.)


thennavan said...

You just "put your finger" to it. If you're still alive, then it is not a current affair.


Anonymous said...

Another way to find is... to see if there is a "sticky" post on the affair.. the minute it is not sticky anymore... the affair is not current...

Hawkeye said...

actually thenavan.. u, at some level, defined current affair.


'sticky' post :-) i think its bad for a blog to have one. rarely people go and read the 2nd post.