Friday, July 28, 2006

Weekend Video Round up: Ross 2006, Sivaji, Kevin Spacey & Jiffy Lube

Before I start the video thing, I recently heard that the US customs folks are confiscating toor daals and all the other varieties of daal from the poor desis, who are trying to save a few bucks by bringing daal supplies from India (Note: India has banned export of Daal to the US and so it costs 10$/packet here). Can anybody confirm if this (the confiscating) is true ?

MBA Class of 2006, Ross School of Business and the whole $100 Million extravaganza.

Here is a quick life-atRoss video by the class of 2006. It was good fun to watch. (Video starts after 22 seconds)

As it has been publicized many times before, Michigan Business School is getting a $100 million grant from an alumnus - Stephen.M.Ross. This led to new state-of-the-art buildings, name change and ranking related improvements. Here is a last-look at the old buildings and auditorium, which are now demolished. The Demolition of the current school happened this summer, the construction will begin in Fall 2006 and the new Building will be ready for incoming students in Fall 2008.

This following video is a good video that takes us through the buildings that are being demolished, all the anecdotes about sleeping, Jeffrey Immelt etc happened in Hale Auditorium. The camera takes us through the corridor in the Office Of Career development. The corridor of the (play scary music) interview suites (shudder!). Everytime I see it I am reminded of the shake-interviewers-hands walk-down-the corridor make-small-talk and do-the-elevator-pitch memories. This video also shows a computer animation of the proposed state-of-the-art building. I sure do envy the students entering Ross in 2008. Things look really awesome and grand. I am so overcome with jealousy that I don't wanna expand further. So with without further delay...

Sivaji: The Shankar-Rajinikanth movie

This is the next best thing since the caveman invented fire. Its bigger than anything in the last decade of my movie world. Shankar and Rajnikanth getting together. I am licking my lips in anticipation for the Deepavali release. Although I was let down by Anniyan & Boys, I still think Shankar is an awesome director and would give a hit-of-the-century kind of a movie. Sad that a similarly created hot-combo of Gautam-KamalHassan - Vettaiyadu Velaiyadu did not come through. That would have been, to understate grossly, a treat.

Here are some behind-the-scenes shooting clips from Sivaji.

This is another song that is being shot in Bilbau, Spain

Kevin Spacey & The Old Vic

Found this in my company website and then saw in the maanga that it was available in google videos also. Here is one very good hour with Kevin Spacey. Charlie Rose explores Spacey's theater exploits among other things. Just to set expectations: Its a 1 hour video, has nothing about Superman and spacey's imitation of Bill CLinton is only a 30 second affair. This video was good for completely different reasons.

The Jiffy Lube

So this is the car repair scam thats becoming popular. I used to argue with my friends, that we don't know anything about cars anyway and if the mechanics just looked around, drove around in our car for 2 days and gave it back to us without changing anything, we would never know the difference until something drastic happened. This is what they apparently do, claims this video report.


Anand said...

life @ Ross was fun to watch. The Bhangra no seems to be very popular !!!

About the toor dal stuff cant confirm, but had reading blogsite.

tilotamma said...

**Vettaiyadu Velaiyadu did not come through**

what is it shelved or did it bomb?
I am hopelessly out of it - sorry

Nilu said...

where is my link credit?

Hawkeye said...


yes bhangra is always popular. i think they're allowing toor dal by passangers,


i think the movie is done but caught in a court case


you have removed the post or i cant find it. so i linked your blog 'generically'. in this instance i saw that it was in google because of you. but in many instances i have found that if i wanted to post a particular opinion, you had already done that. the reservation thing two posts before is a case in point.

i might write a series on dravidian politics. i thought of it b4 u wrote it. so dont think its a plagiarization

Anonymous said...

B sis came thursday to the US (umich) and had no problems with customes. She was carrying a couple of kgs of toor dal.


Hawkeye said...


cool! my cousin also carried some toor daal with him. i hope she's got temp accomadation etc.