Tuesday, August 08, 2006

iPod Click Wheel

There is an Employee Purchase Program going on in the company where I am interning in. This program allowed me to buy a 40 GB iPod for 60% of its cost. I bought it totally forgetting that I traditionally have a poor relationship with electronic items.

For example I can't take print outs. Can't believe it right? Come take a print out with me. I have a 99% hit-rate. The moment I try and take a print out, some snag will happen and the printer won't work. My group mates found that to their horror in the 11th hour of our project submission, like many other group mates found out in the past.

So the iPod got screwed within 4 days after I got it. It can't synch up with my PC and I can't format it or do anything to it. I have wasted 2 days surfing the net and trouble shooting the iPod. One more restart request and I will throw my laptop into Lake Michigan. The basic problem is the iPod won't mount on my PC, the iPod updater can't see it. It doesn't appear as a USB storage device in My Computer. I have done the reset, restart, re-install things iPod wants me to do. I can't restore it because the PC won't detect the iPod. I can't even convert the iPod to a storage device. I guess I have entered the zone of H/w errors. Time to look for an Apple store.

One thing I've learned in this process is that this iPod thing is extremely fragile. This problems of iPod not synching up (and in the process showing a exclamation mark with a sad iPod icon) is extremely common. I guess even if it is slightly common, I will hit it. Sigh...


Arvind said...


Feverish Apple fan that I am, I cannot watch without trying to contribute. Is it possible that you bought a refurbished or older model iPod? Since there is no current 40GB iPod, this seems possible. You possibly have a 4G iPod (current generation is 5th) a.k.a click wheel iPod with a monochrome or color screen. It could be that the iPod is Mac formatted (HFS disk type) rather than FAT32 or whatever Windows iPods use. I am pretty sure a visit to the Genius bar will quickly rectify this for you. You might also be able to do this from Disk Administrator in Windows. Good luck!

Arvind said...

I just realized that maybe you already sync-ed it when you first used it. In that case, it might be H/W error. I suggest the Apple Store.

Anonymous said...

I ran into a similar problem with the iPod that I bought for my cousin in india .. you should take it to the store while its still under warranty ..


Filtered Sambhar said...


tooki podurathuku badhila, parcel panni sydneyku anupidungo. here i have a electronics engg as my roomie who eats my head everyday talking abt wires & plugs which just flies over my head. Will give him a test and ask him to fix it up. may be lets see thn if he screws it up a bit more or actually fixes it!
(sorry for tryin to be funny!)

btw have u bin havin this word verification stuff from long? guess its bin a semester since i commented on ur blog, before i started bschool!

filtered by sambhar....
a.k.a bharathwaj

Anonymous said...

Eppaadu pattu vaangina IPod, inge podu ange podu nnu solla manasu enna paadu padum

unpaadu un iPod paadu!!!!

Chakra Sampath said...

First time here and read few of your previous posts... man.. you rock! Great going.. will hopefully be a regular here from now on.

Hawkeye said...

dei jilako,

yes! it is a refurbished old model. I do not know how the problem started. I did an ipod update and I was instructed to reconnect the ipod to the power socket for a firmware flash. I did that. I think I may have removed it before the firmware had been flashed (I am not sure..i gave it 20 minutes time). then when i tried to upload songs it did not sync up. In a confused state..i did many things (some destructive) and tried to restore it by erasing the iPod. But to no avail.

I have heard that forcing the iPod to disc mode helps windows see it as a disc and then we can format it in FAT 32. But no such luck after reset, i held the fwd, rew buttons till my face went blue. it did not go to disc mode.

i think i have to go to a apple store. what will they do there?

Hawkeye said...


it is under warranty. so i am taking it to the store

filetered sambhar,

i have word verification since 2005. i think the semester caused u amnesia.

Hawkeye said...

anonymous pulavare,

ungaal paatil pizhai irukku. firmware problems'um irukku

Hawkeye said...

chakra sampath,

welcome. i have a sidebar on the Right hand side which indexes into my old posts.

Arvind said...

Bharath, find your nearest apple store from this page

And use that store's page to make a Genius bar reservation before you go over to the store. This will minimize your wait time.

The 'Genius' will diagnose the iPod issue and fix it or issue a replacement iPod as the case may be.

The Apple system will usually be able to verify your warranty coverage from the serial number of the iPod. If you have the receipt handy though, take it along just in case.

Hawkeye said...


did it here


i shld know by today. thanks for the help dude.. seriously this is the only useful thing i got out of my blog in the last 2 years :-)

Arvind said...

Hehehe! You're welcome. Update us when fixed.