Wednesday, August 02, 2006

'Kanni' Raasi

Have you ever seen a movie scene that you thoroughly enjoyed, but thought "naah! this can't happen in real life". Then to your complete shock it happens to you in real life?

The movie Kanni Raasi was Pandiarajan's first movie as a director. He was an intelligent director and picked up his mentor Bhagyaraj's (for hindi folks - woh saat din, aakree raastha etc) subtleties very well. This movie starred among other insignificant people, India's greatest philosopher of the modern era Shri Gownda Mani (aka Kounda Mani, Kavundan, Goundan). It was a time when Gownda Mani was at the peak of his powers and was doing what he was great at, making sarcastic remarks at the ways of the society and mocking the public, for leading pathetic drab lives. This author of this blog, owes lot of his wisdom, maturity, education, ambition and perspective to this great philosopher and has been deeply ifluenced by some of Gaundan's theories and postulates. Gounda Mani was an expert in many fields, he disproved one of maxwell's equation, corrected chebyshev's filter bias, discovered several statistical modelling techniques and at the same time was India's biggest anthropologist, social commentator and philosopher par excellence.

Look at me.

'Kanni Raasi' is a movie where Gownda Mani is a married man with a teenage daughter (Revathi Menon). His wife is from the village (played by the atrociously sexy Sumithra). Anyway that was not the point of the post at all. Gownda Mani, in the course of the movie, passes comments on family, society, role of women, role of a wife, and life in general. Early on in the movie, things get to a point, where he fights with his wife (she refuses to cook him a tasty meal, get up early, and generally play to his whims). Frustrated at the loss of control over his own family, he puts a garland to his own photo, thereby signifying his death. All this is told in a very funny style - mind you.

Exactly at this juncture - In comes Prabhu, who plays Sumithra's brother, from the village to stay with her family for a while and search for a job in the big city of Madras. The developments in Gownda Mani's household become extremely interesting as a result of his arrival. Sumithra gets up early in the morning, starts cooking stuff that Gownda Mani has never heard of. She prepares "soup" (a 'term' or 'concept' which Gownda Mani has never heard of or seen before). In a classic scene where you will die of laughter, she serves food atop a Banana Leaf(which tradionally is used a plate for a grand dinner) and asks Gownda Mani to sit and eat from a particular banana leaf. He insists on sitting and eating from a different leaf, stating that it is his house and he has the right to eat from any leaf he wants to. He sits on the leaf reserved for Prabhu and begins to eat. In what is a classic movie moment - As soon as he begins eating, he observes that 8 very good large eggs (supreeyor qualti) have been hidden under the rice for Prabhu's consumption (a moment accentuated by a sudden blast of music from the harmonium). He then proceedes to check the rice on the leaf that was reserved for him. Naught. He then makes a long monologue about women's partiality to their brothers and the reasons behind their complete neglect of their husbands. Apart of tearing your stomach with laughter, the monologue has been recorded and archived in the National Treasury by the then Indian Government.

So that the 'varungaala santhathigal' (future generations) will learn from it.

Now you may ask - what is the point of this post? Guess what?

My brother-in-law is in town.

My wife has never, I mean never, woken up before 10 AM. Have you heard of pumpkin sambhar? I have never heard of Pumpkin Sambhar. It has been almost year and a half since she made Rasam and Sambhar on the same day (incidentally we have been married for a year and a half). She got up at 4:00 AM for past two days. 4:00 AM ladies and gentleman. She got up, cooked Pumkin Sambhar, Rasam, and Okra for her brother who was leaving for work at 6:15 AM. Today it was vadai, fried appalam, kalantha soru (cocunut rice, tamirind rice, bagela bath, cocunut payasam). Chicago is now really hot. The summer heat of May in Madras looks like a harshly cold Alaskan winter compared to this heat in Chicago. Its that bad. She asked me to move to a non-AC room so that her brother can sleep in the AC room. Today I lose my bed to him. For the last 2 months when I leave for work at 7:45AM, I will hear a voice from somewhere, buried underneath the comforter, "can you eat Cereal and buy Taco Bell for lunch?"

O' Gownda Mani! What gratitude do I owe you? What does the world owe you?


Anonymous said...

plz sleep in the car also...after this post.

Anupadmaja said...

Paavam unga nelamai ... so bad that comedian becomes a first claaaaaas philosopher :)

Prabhu said...

Anu also says: "complain pannadha irundha oru orama okkandhu paadhi saapadu saaptrukkalam ..ippo adhuvum pochu ..ippo weekend'um saapadu kidaikkadhu"

anantha said...

And that, my friends, is why i am still enjoying my single status! I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want.

Arvind said...

ROTFL!!! Hahahahahaha....
Thanks for bringing humour into this dull working day!

Anush said...

Do you have a sister to go to during these tough times? ;)

F e r r a r i said...

maama. vootukara ammani indha blog padichuda poraanga. appuram andha anonymous sonna maadhiri car dhaan.

BTW Kanni rasi was a hilarious movie. I still remember Prabhu's interview. 'Ulagathuliye periya muttai edhu'. yaanai muttai. chinna muttai. kosu muttai. edavadhu kuraL sollu. 'mae'. vennira aadi murthy is the interviewer. hilarious it was!!

And janagaraj is a paatu vaadhiyar. Someone will tell that if hair falls in the food served, then a relationship will form between the person whose hair fell, and the person who served. He will run behind revathy, get one streak of hair. Funny!

On a side note, I loved Goundamani in payanangal mudivadhillai too. Who can forget 'indha chennai maanagarathile'.

Casement said...

You don't understand hawkeye. If brothers are not treated well, they tend to complain about the sister to mom. 'She gets up only at 10, she doesnt cook lunch, she that, she this...'

On the other hand, in the couple of days that bros stay, if they are treated well, the sister's brand equity increases manifold. He is all in praise of her and moms develop a kind of pride -"ennama samaikrala teriyuma en ponnu...payyan sonnaan!" or something to that effect.

But, if the brother stayed there perennially, this is not going to happen. Purinjida logic?

funkaboy said...

Pandiarajan used up everything he learnt under Bhagyaraj in this movie and 'Aan Paavam'. Managed to catch a couple of scenes from 'Mouna Geethangal' last month in SunTV. I was amazed at the use of comedy to move the story along.

It's a pity that a talent like Bhagyaraj is now churning out movies like 'Parijatham'. Petha Kadan, I guess.

Anonymous said...


Sowmya said...

adhu raththa paasam ;-)

anantha said...

Hawkeye: Have to agree with what Casement says. But I do think you have some weekend issues now that you jumped ahead and complained. Anu (via Prabhu) sonnadhu might just become true.

shiloh said...

For the last two months....Hmmmm

Should I say congratulations...

D.N.A. said...

Machana pagachukitaa, thiruvodu dhan unakku inimel!

Gounder picha edukardha pathiyum oru prasanam senjirukkar! Goundar namam vazhga!

Anu said...

Lol!! This made my day!

Goundamani in Kanni Raasi is amazing! 'Avanukku aaru muttai, enakku arai muttayaa?' still echoes..

WA said...


I said...

isn't aan pavam pandiarajan's first film?

I said...

and lol!

spock said...

Super funny! totally enjoyed the post. But having followed ur posts for quite sometime here's a little psycho analysis:

I think u just made the whole thing up! I'm guessing u watched Kanni rasi recently.. u wanted to blog about gounder.. u thought spicing it up with a touch of reality wud make it better.. u discussed this with ur wife (ofcourse u had to!! :) and came up with this post.

No BIL would ever dare to takeover an AC room at any cost. No sis wud ever take so much pain to care for her bro (i am way off here as i dont have a sis, but wat the heck!).

So, tell me, how close am i to the truth?

Again, none of this shud take off the humor from the post! u earn my points there!

Anupadmaja said...

"Super funny! totally enjoyed the post"


From Spock?



Babs said...

Machi ippo non A/C illa, couch thaan dee.....

mapalai ithuke peyru thaan daa rathe pasam ;-)

Man it was friggin hilarious daa, hats off to ur narration.

*** Sorry for commenting here about ur previous blog" ***

Ohh u were the dog who reccomended Ramesh to me, yeah vaguely remember have that convo.....those assoles stripped me wallet naked, jus realised after u said that they dont have set price and ask u all the sorts of questions like "Sir, I heard in Australia they put only clipper and NO sissors", etc etc and analysis how much they can milk from U.
Next time try Ravi in Alsa Mall atleast they have Menu :-) and yes they are expensive too (but not as much as Ramesh)

Kirk said...

@spock: I think its too much of a big coincidence for hawkeye to see kanni raasi && for his BIL to come all the way from India. All in 1 week. So I dont think all of it is made up. Maybe some of it.

It is a good thing you brought it up. I am sure its a lose-lose situation for Hawkeye here. He cant say he exagerated. he can't further rant against his wife. LOL! this is cool!

indianangel said...

Great! Writing man! That is a reality that happens in every household wherever you are in a small Kuppam or in US lol :)

Anonymous said...

One correction please: it's 'varungaala santhathigal', not "varungaala sangathigal".

Sindhuja said...

Today it was vadai, fried appalam, kalantha soru (cocunut rice, tamirind rice, bagela bath, cocunut payasam).

Today was adi peruukku . everybody does all this. she did not do it for her brother. you are being unfair.

It is a lovely lovely post anyway. ROTFL

Ranjit Nair said...

The whole issue arises only if one's wife knows cooking :(. 22 days to go for my marriage dude - imagine my plight !!!

Vidya said...

man..i didn't understand where you were getting to with this post, then came the blast. Kalakkals .. . Adhu sari, ungalukellam 'beloved sister(s)'illaiyoo ?, irundha idhey kadhai dhaan, yenna plates will be reversed. :))

Hawkeye said...


i did. thanks.


he *also* does comedy.


this too shall pass :-)

Hawkeye said...


/* I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want */

this can be a good argument for the contrary too :-). if you want good food you can always invite BIL

Hawkeye said...


ya! but I guess i blew up my chances of being part of jilako couple II

Hawkeye said...


i don't have sister(s). only berther .so no revenge possibilities. i am pretty sure -down the line- in the future - sombody will be blogging about you as BIL.

Hawkeye said...


the description of prabhu's (boy! there are too many prabhus here) ideal job would just be amazing. especially when they fall into the ditch at the end of it.

the blast in janakaraj's heart is like the invention of the wheel. how many times has it been copied everywhere else.

i literally cried laughing for kanni raasi. the other one that moved me is the paathi kakus thaan eduthaanglaam..meethi kaakus toobe pottu thaan edukanumaam" ("they took only half of the shit you ate the remaining shit you drank from the septic tank has to be taken thro a tube") in pondatti sonna kettukanum

Hawkeye said...


i know. its a neat trick. the downside is all my complaints at any point in time in the future will have to combat this "first impression"

Hawkeye said...



i thought parijaatham turned out well. bhagyaraaj was good until rudra.

Hawkeye said...




very trruee! and think experience is talking here.


how do you know that its already not true :-)

Hawkeye said...


just summer internship. still 7 seas and 70000 mountains to cross b4 congratulations.


yes! hail goundamani.

no! no! this was to clue in machaan on the real status.

Hawkeye said...



maybe i should tell my BIL dei avan avan pondatti kazhuthula moonu mudichu thaan poduvaan. naan unga akka kazhuthula 300 mudichu pottirukken

Hawkeye said...


danks! and a big daaanks for the gilli reference.


i have my own doubts about it too. i always thought 'kanni raasi' because in his first movie he just makes a guest appearance (like the first temple scene in this movie).

aan paavam - he was almost second hero. the next one, the awesome, manaivi ready he became a hero.

Hawkeye said...


I think u just made the whole thing up

hmmm.. lets seee...
last time i checked... goundamani had altered one of the maxwell equation. ..hmm. maybe the chebyshev filter is false. he is definitely an anthroplogist though :-)

but seriously...

No BIL would ever dare to takeover an AC room at any cost

true. the AC is in the living room here. the set up is hard to explain. but trust me on this.

I'm guessing u watched Kanni rasi recently..

i always feel like I watched it reently. but its been at least 4 years since i watched it for the last time.

u discussed this with ur wife (ofcourse u had to!! :) and came up with this post.

if only you knew the truth. or if only i had been as smart as that. i casually tried mentioning the existence of this post over the phone. I'll tell you her reaction - the next time I am allowed to speak to my wife :-)

Hawkeye said...


almost forgot to say.

(hold index finger and middle finger together and hold ring finger and little finger together)

live long and prosper


its the vulcan mating season. spock shows emotions then.

Hawkeye said...


couch illa. maybe car.

ya! ramesh is freakishly expensive. but you looked good in your wedding. thats more important

Hawkeye said...



indian angel,

thanks! i know. women are all alike. everywhere in the world :-)


thanks. will make the correction. but the way he says it..i thought sangathigal was right. anyway will change it. next time leave your name. plz.


shhhhhhh! are you tipping off spock

Hawkeye said...


the issues that arise when wife does not know cooking is bad. how do you like to get up at 4 when your BIL is in town.


Adhu sari, ungalukellam 'beloved sister(s)'illaiyoo ?, irundha idhey kadhai dhaan, yenna plates will be reversed

no. as i said b4 i dont have. the cousins that i have are useless.

anantha said...

Hawkeye: You are one of the "baguth" gang! aaah haa! :)

Hawkeye said...


no i am not one of the gang. though will gladly join any gang named baguth . it is so close to my heart :-)

spock said...


if indeed this is true, man u are in deep shit! i'm eagerly waiting for a follow up post on the terror unleashed on u when ur wife reads this post :)

how did i miss this kanni rasi movie!! with so much hype i'm gonna rent it right away.


not trying to split a fine hair, but spock is half-vulcan half-human. he was born to a vulcan fater and humar mother. In fact all vulcans are very emotional, they use strong medititative techiniques to suppress all emotions. Its just that according to humar standards they 'appear' more logical!

peace out! \V/

Kirk said...

@spock: i suspect your vulcan identity. you did not return hawkeye's vulcan greeting. its a vulcan blasphemy


Report to the bridge instantly

spock said...


/* peace out! \V/ */
is the closest i can get to a vulcan salute with the limitations of the ascii charset U humans invented!


anantha said...

No no.. your greeting to funkaboy made me make that assumption.

Anupadmaja said...

The intention of the Oooooooo was purely to highlight the fact that the post be so good that Spock is pushed to ecstasy :) No offense meant.

"Adhu sari, ungalukellam 'beloved sister(s)'illaiyoo ?, irundha idhey kadhai dhaan, yenna plates will be reversed"

Kudos on the Plates pun.

Me said...

what is baguth gang.....

RaajK said...


Syam said...

makka its really really wonderful comparision really ROTFL....innum siripa nirutha mudiyala....anon car la sleep panna sonnanga...naan solren oru comforter eduthitu aapicela thoonga sonnalaalum no wonder.... :-)

Anonymous said...

sari nethu night enga saptinga subway laya illa Taco Bell la

Deepa said...

You just booked a permanent spot for yourself in the patio with this post.

Deepa said...

Hawkeye, your fav "paathi kakus thaan eduthaanglaam..meethi kaakus toobe pottu thaan edukanumaam" is from the movie Pondaatti sonna kettukkanum (one of my fav. Gound movies). BTW, irony paatthiya?

Venkat said...

/*My wife has never, I mean never, woken up before 10 AM*/

experienced advise : this is very dangerous to be left on a public site.., if the better half stumbles onto it, it's gonna leave her bitter ;-)

nice post!

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Hawkeye said...


thanks for pointing out that i missed the 'plates' pun. :-)


good one.

Hawkeye said...


follow funkaboy and you'll know :-)

Hawkeye said...




20 'thoopikaranams' reduce the punishment to sleep on the corridor.

Hawkeye said...


taco :-(


if my house had a patio you wud be right. but it does have a door and i have been sent out. i am N O T kidding.

Hawkeye said...


i thought i said the movie name right. wait.. what did i say?

Hawkeye said...


thanks! i am learning through experience.

Anonymous said...

LOL!aamaa!innuma unga other half idhai padikkalai.dhairiyama ulavareenga.Idhukkudhan Eppovam oru ponnu vettule venumnu sollradhu.Enga vettule boys onlynnu aatam potta idhudhan nadakkum.;D

Hawkeye said...


she read it. and obviously is not impressed.

Enga vettule boys onlynnu aatam potta idhudhan nadakkum

you hit the nail on the head. seriously.

if there was agirl in my house - my dad would have to save for her marriage. no vasadhi. no comforts. and after all that savings he wud have to blow off 6-8 lacs in 1 mega party. ithukellam paiyan evalavooo mel.

fieryblaster said...

This is not fair on your part. Be frank that u felt a bit possessive when ur wife showed her affection towards her sibling and as a result u thought of writing all lies about her, I accept it and take it in the lighter sense.

Hawkeye said...


u did not hear both sides of the story.

ofcourse i exagerate. But "neruppu illamal pugaiyuma"

Ram Prasadh said...
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tilotamma said...
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Anonymous said...

Brother - "than adattalum than sadhai adum". We have not done anything to that brother when we were at mom's place before wedding. So realising things now and doing the best we can.

sexy said...







Anonymous said...

Dude too bad.. But mind it all wives are not like that.. Or may be on 2nd thot they are.. I remember an aunt mine doin the same thing.. hehe.. a good read i must say..

Mediocre But Arrogant said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mediocre But Arrogant said...

Gud one..
Proud to be a goundu fan..

Vishnu said...

Poor you mate. I can completely understand living in Oz. The same thing happened in my household too. But I like your style............