Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Longest Interval of My life

Note: Rewrote the whole post

People who 'tried' to 'see' the movie in Chicago must, by now, know what I am going to say. But nevertheless. Before I say anything, I have to say the reason VV is so jinxed and the reason things happened, the way it happened in chicago theater, was because of me. I think such things can only happen to me. I seriously believe so. And the reason other 300 or so people who came to see the movie suffered was a result of my jinx. So without further delay. Chicago as it happened -

August 25th.

3:35PM: Bid adieu to my internship employer. Came back home with an intention to load my stuff into my car. See 7:00 clk show of VV and drive back to Ann Arbor straight from there. As mentioned before here.

4:30PM: I remember (suddenly. like these things have a way of appearing in your conciousness) that I have to return the comcast settop box, modem.

5:30PM: Friend who is joining me arrives (from now on he will be referred to as 'friend')

5:40PM: After innumerable traffic jams, I return after returning the equipment. Totally Frustrated . This is getting into familiar terriotory. I know how this ends.

6:40PM: I (okay we) finally load my stuff into the car and we start from the theater (which is 1 hr away)

6:50PM: I realize, I did not take my online ticket vouchers.

6:55PM: I call up the Chicago distributor asking him what to do. He tells me 7:00 clock show cancelled. The tickets are valid for 10:00 clk show. Reason: Prints still in transit, in flight. I make a randomd decision to see 10:00 clk show and drive to Ann Arbor at 1:00 AM. I ask the distributor twice if the 10:00 clk show will certainly get screened. He assures me in all earnestness that it will.

8:00PM: Dinner at Noodle garden near Kellogg. Go around Kellogg. My friend, an alum, takes us through an excellent guided tour. Its really a beautiful school. One of my biggest regrets.

9:00PM: At the theater. I meet the distributor and ask him "potti vanthidcha" (. This is the first things I ask him. At this point people dont know the prints/reel has not arrived). While this question surprises a few onlookers, the distributor laughs and replies in affirmative.

9:40PM: Commotion in exchanging online voucher for tickets. My friend picks up the first fight of the day by arguing with a guy who keeps pushing him from behind. My friend apart from being a Kellogg alum is an Ayothi Kuppam alum too. Swear words are exchanged to give a Devi theater feel to the situation.

10:00PM: Inside the theater.

10:30PM: Prints have not yet come. The distributor had lied at 9:00 when he announced the prints have arrived. My friend and I pick up fights with the distributor. My friend has cultivated insulting into an art form. In the 10 years that I have known him, nobody, I repeat nobody, can insult and putdown a person, as aggresively, as consistently and as ruthlessly as he does. If I were the distributor I would have committed suicide. For close to an hour he heckled him. I have to say if my friend hadn't started questioning the distributor the crowd would have been pretty much docile. Only a handful of people were actually offended. the others took things lying/sitting down (bending over backwards)

11:20PM: Prints arrive. Distributor announces that movie will start in 15 minutes. A 35'ish lady came storming into the theater and made an announcement, which basically was a 'sermon' on how bad things were and said people who wanted to go and come back later should demand a refund now. Have you read somewhere else or have people told you that if there is one thing tamils are known for it is 'nakkal'? One guy shouted immediately, "no we want to see the movie. we dont want refund". And then the rest boo'ed the lady out. It was a fruit-kid-booed-by-rowdy-gang kodak moment :-). I would have LMAO but since I had 'family' around, I had to pretend that laughing at the lady was a bad thing (she gave a big lecture about babies, kids, health etc...c'mon. fruit).

11:45PM: The reels are being loaded. Tempers raise. Children in theater are crying. People are suffocating inside the theater. My friend is well into 3rd degree torture phase. The conversation goes like.
Friend: Is this your first time. Is this why you are so incomptent?
Guy: I have released telegu movies before.
Friend: Don't release tamil movies anymore. Please torture only telegu people.
Guy: Sir. This has become too much. Dont advise me on how to run my business.
Friend: What business? where is the business? You can't run any thing. Do you think you are running something now.
Guy: You will understand only if you do this sir.
Friend: Which is why I dont do it. You shouldnt be doing this either. If you dont have a di** you shouldn't be fu***** around. Why did you lie about the prints? Why didnt you cancel the 10 clk show. Is it because you already paid the rent for the theater an dont want to lose on it.
Guy: Its not like that.
Friend: Then go in front of the theater and say you lied. I want that. Its 6 hours since I paid the money. Where is the movie. will you be okay if I saw the movie and paid the money after 6 hours.
August 26th.

12:00: I proudly become the first person among the 300 assembled to ask for free movie + refund. The people pick up this thought as on cue and demand the same. Big ape war happens.I quote the pizza delivery analogy to press my claims. Insult the distributor even further. Although I have to say given what my friend was doing to him, which was basically raping him through every possible orifice, I had only negligible impact on his overall wrecthedness.

12:10AM: They screen the movie. I am looking at driving at 3:00 AM to Ann Arbor. There is a small sequence before the title credits. People assume that the movie has been screened from the middle and scream, shout etc. After the title credits get over (where Kamal kills everyone at sight. He kills kills kills) comes a blood churling scream from some one " Konnudu daa.. ellaraiyum konnuu da .. ennaiyum serthu kollu da kamala haasa" (Kill.. kill everyone. including me kill everybody)

1:45AM: Interval.

1:46AM: The movie reels have been wrongly tied. Post Interval. The movie starts playing upside down, with no volume.

1:50AM: Hell breaks loose. I yell swear words at the distributor. My friend is almost enjoying another go at the distributor ass. 100 people are at his neck. Everybody is shouting.

2:00 AM: It is announced that somebody will come in 15 minutes and he may/maynot fix the whole thing.

2:10 : We leave in frustration. Without watching the movie. The distributor announces that he will refund the ticket and almost suggests that the movie will not continue. I had 1 window of opportunity to catch this. I tried my best and I leave angry and pissed off.

3:00 AM: Decide that driving to AA is risky. I have returned my keys to the apartment person. I have no place to stay. I take the risk. I go to my apartment (the cell phone opens the main door) and find that the door is unlocked (we hadn't locked when we handed over the key). So we litrally sneak back into the apartment and We take a bed sheet and sleep on the floor.

6:30 AM: I start driving to AA

1:30 PM: I am writing this blog from Michigan.

Needless to say I am pissed off. I have visualized 34682391 ways of torturing the distributor and 16713256 painful deaths for him.

The Movie: I personally like 'serial killer', sherlock holmes, 'seven' kind of movies. Very slick and all. But I don't see a need for Kamal Hassan to star in this movie. It could have starred anyone. Whats in this movie that needs someone like him? I haven't seen the second half. Don't know whats going to happen. Not talking to anybody about the ending. But 5 minutes before the interval they sort of 'reveal' 2 people as killers and I was dissapointed. I wanted a major twist. It was fast paced and I was interested all through. But if this second half doesn't pick up this movie up its pretty much average.

10:00PM (PST) Update: Reached seattle finally. The flight was a 8 hr bitch. Makes this the longest day of my life. Pissed off still. Throughout the flight I was thinking of the stupid incompetent fellow. spent 8 hours to watch half a movie. Because of a bumbling idiot.

Apparently the movie was finally screened at around 2:45AM and it ended at 4:10 AM in the morning. I am thinking I should have stayed.


anantha said...

Hmmm.. same thing happened in Delaware with Rang De Basanti. And whats with desi distributors being so high handed and all..

You know whats the fun part. They start a movie, and at the interval they move one half to the next hall and start another show. Too much risk, if the "reel changer" is amatuer.

So what happened in DE was that the guy who was changing reels mixed them up in the wrong order. So 15 mins into the movie we got to see Kakkori Khand robbery sequence! Was fucked up and we had a fight too.

Anyways, here the 11 30 show started only at 12 15! And I had the same feeling at the interval. But that is one of the high points of the movie, according to me. It keeps us guessing where he is gonna go with it when we know who did it! And I liked that part cos finally when it ended, while it ended predictably, the route taken was not exactly what I expected.

I share your opinion about - Why Kamal, why this movie!

Too many holes!

Btw.. did you make the flight?

D.N.A. said...

Adada! I too was there!

WA said...

I was just about to ask you if you and DNA were at the same cinema, and I see that my question has already been answered. Hope you got to AA safe

tilotamma said...

what happend to my comment?

Anonymous said...

u shd have watched in novi..they never disappoint..


MLC said...

that is one of the worst case scenarios i've ever heard! too bad yr VV experience was so pathetic! hope we guys don't face anysuch thing, nxt wkend.
but i should mention that it was so interestng to read the whole thing. 2 thumbs up to u for that!

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm going to take the risk of seeing the movie in chicago on 8PM hope they have all this shit sorted out by then...since i will be on a business trip, i cant wait till 12PM... LOL.. anyways if some one had a good experience comment....

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Uh-oh... you sure qualify for being one dedicated movie fan. Hope you had a good sleep and are ok now!

P.S. Your friend's skills and art are downright scary: I don't envy that distributor's position that night :D

Hawkeye said...


ive been poor in replying to comments for past 3 posts for obvious reasons. will reply to all comments in these 3 posts tomorrow.

tilotamma said...

seri Hawk - this is the same comment as on DNA's site:

This whole potti didn't arrive + part 2 missing/late

reminds me of the scene from Cinema Paradiso.......

logic said...

Hey i wanna learn the art from ur friend :)

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

:) Nalla review.

Anonymous said...

balance reviews






Anonymous said...


Saravan said...

VV vittu thalunga. Gabtun is back as Sabari. Cant wait for the movie :D

WA said...

I like Captain. I hope this new film will have similar clips, you know like when he threw his sunglasses then beat up five guys and looked up and the glasses came and landed on his face perfectly. Classic

Vidya said...

"the movie was finally screened at around 2:45AM and it ended at 4:10 AM in the morning. I am thinking I should have stayed" - apadi poodu..... ungala maadhiri aalunga irukara varaikkum, yendha dabba theathreliyum yaaru veynaalum padam release pannalaam. :)). Lucky me..I 've decided to wait for the DVD release.

funkaboy said...

I went for the Sunday 2pm show. Luckily they had sorted out all the problems by then. This theater was actually better than the one in Des Plaines where they screened 'Majaa'.

When 'Sivaji' is released, please notify us as to which Chicagoland theater and show that you are going to. Will help us in
disaster planning :)

Nilu said...

wait -- wats the deal with ** ? If you want to say fuck, say fuck. If you want to say dick, say dick. Else, gammunu kada...summa pathi la uttuttu * potta?

visithra said...

Hehehe this the second time im reading a similar post n i hear theres a third person ;p

heres another partner in crime - pity u guys

Anonymous said...

ye su shud have seen the second half..its too good. the first half was a bit stretched but 2nd half is fast paced n action packed..workth a watch.

Hawkeye said...


this movie was like 5 hour wait to watch the movie and then only half a movie.

i caught the fight. man! its a bum not getting to see the end.

Hawkeye said...


where did u sit. were u also out fighting with the guy. what were u wearing?

Hawkeye said...


yes! there was some one in the theater who said "itha photo/picture eduthu blog'la podalam". i am thinking is that DNA?

Hawkeye said...


the theaters were good. but i cudnt have watched it in novi. they are taking it off on aug 31.

Hawkeye said...


naan petra inbam peruga vaiyagamum!

Hawkeye said...


i think u shld be fine. i am not in chicago anaymore that itself is enugh proof that u shld be fine.

Hawkeye said...


i agree that the 'reel' reversal and flight delay wasnt his fault. but a honest person would have cancelled the show.

Hawkeye said...


the whole potti did arrive. but they tied the scond half wrongly.

Hawkeye said...



Hawkeye said...

shoe fiend,

:-) nandri.

Hawkeye said...


not ready to read reviews. porukkalai :-(

Hawkeye said...


that movie will come at the right time and run without problems in chicago

Hawkeye said...


thats when prabhu said "enna kodumai saravanan ithu"

Hawkeye said...

/* apadi poodu..... ungala maadhiri aalunga irukara varaikkum, yendha dabba theathreliyum yaaru veynaalum padam release pannalaam. :)). */

thats the point. the theater was good. it was abig decent theater. thats the sad part. DVD varathukku romba naal aagum

Hawkeye said...


i will tell u where i am going for sivaji :-( paavam the people who booked tickets for the show i am gonna book.

glad to know they sorted out the problems. really really glad.

Hawkeye said...


there is a pretense going on that this site is PG-13. very thin pretense.

Hawkeye said...


padathilayum ippadi thaan. there are words but beeped out.

Hawkeye said...


long time no see. i hope uve seen VV. DNA is the other guy who had similar problems

harry said...

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D.N.A. said...

Hawk, I was sitting in the front centre section. There was just one another row of occupants in front of me.

What was I wearing? I have no idea, it's 3 days back man! Refresh my memory, if you think it was me :).

And, I was with some friends who don't know that I blog. So I wouldn't have said that!!

Spock said...

you should be glad you missed the second half. It was so mind numbingly insane. checkout my review for more polambals!

Raju said...

i was there in the damned theater...thank god i live near downtown reached home by 5:30 am.... :)

sexy said...