Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Yippeeeee - Finally

My most anticipated movie of this decade gets the green signal. Finally.

According to producer Manicam Narayanan, the problems faced by the producers have been solved. It will go before the censors on Wednesday.

"The film's music is already popular. It took time to sort out all the problems. We are going to make more than 200 prints for the release and I am confident of its success," said Mr. Narayanan. A large part of the movie co-starring Jyothika and Kamalini Mukerjee, was shot in the United States.

Shall we Vettaiyadu Velaiyadu or shall we Vettaiadu Velaiadu?

P.S: There is a web game based on the VV theme in the website.
P.S2: According to anonymous commentor - the producer is releasing the movie at a loss. Although I anticipated it, I think it makes sense because of the opportunity cost of not releasing is much higher. It makes sense that he releases it than not release it. Distributors will rake a lot of money if the movie is a hit. I am sure manicam himself is a distributor in many areas.


Yadayada said...

The vettaiyaadu vilaiyaddu game in the link is fun to play :-)

Anonymous said...

It seems the producer Narayanan has been screwed. He is releasing this movie at a loss of 4 crores.

I got this info from this blog.
(This dude works in "Best Kanna Best" pugal Kungumam. So it is most likely true.)

Hawkeye said...



u r providing sensible valid info - still why do u choose to be anon. yen? peyarai solla koodatha?

nandri anyway!

Hawkeye said...


true. its is entertaining. wat level did u reach

Rose said...

Wat does Vettaiadu Velaiadu mean??

*blink blink*



Hawkeye said...


it means 'predate and play'

Spock said...

Call my cynical, but the odds are heavily against VV! There's a huge hype, along the same levels as for alavandhan. Its primarily because of the huge delay between finishing and releasing the movie. Another factor is the music.. it was released monhts ago and its off the top buster charts. People ahve grown over it!

Being a kamal fan i hope i'm proved wrong! Here's to VV! Go kamal!

Hawkeye said...


the key interest for me here is Gautham. I know its no 'nayagan'. but its definitely promising.

Anonymous said...

I think the meaning is more apt as Hunt and play rather than predate and play:)
The Conscience.

Always ! said...

:), yes, me totally exited about the release of the movie and like you said, the cliche is Gautham and for me it's a Gautham - Kamal Combination !

After the kakka kakka action packed romance fever, I am totally ready to receive what Gautham has to show off using Kamal !

and yes, the typical Harris Jayaraj music has been well received by folk as well.

hamsini said...

me waiting for VV as well!!!:D:D

Go Kamal!!

Hawkeye said...


gautham shows a lot of promise. there was more to kaakha kaakha than what met the eye.

i love his interviews especially. no cliches. no ass licking. low-key understated things. this fellow is cool.


yes! go kamal. and you should let people like me comment on livejournal. twice i tried to leave a comment but cud not.

Ram said...

I saw the trailor and did not find it too attractive. The visuals were not as stunning as when Kaakha Kaakha.