Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Back to School - II

So school has begun. Its Autumn and I have a lot to look forward to. As usual I had my dose of I-am-a-silly-absent-minded-ass moment. I have taken a Valuation class this semester and am pretty excited about the course. First class of the semester, I went and sat in the classroom and the professor gave handouts for the first class and the homework. I sat there with my eyes out of their sockets at the homework handout. First homework was due this Friday. This completely did not fit in with my 'i wanna take it light' extravaganza. The class began and the professor said "in case some students are not aware, this is the 'Options and Futures' class..." within micro seconds, I sheepishly walked out of the room.
The hustle and bustle for the first few days in school is something that excites me and something that I'll maybe miss the most after school. Bidding for lockers, course notes, knowing how a course grading works, the nature of the professor, does he cold call - All these are teeny weeny parts of the B School experience that I have come to enjoy a lot.
Speaking of cold calling, I think Marketing Professors cold call the maximum followed closely by Strategy professors. I am particularly looking forward to a Strategic Marketing class by a popular professor. Mainly because he is a serial entrepreneur and casually mentioned that he started 9 companies "one went kaput 3 hmm's, 3 yeah's and 2 wow's". I wanted to retort that I once saw 9 DVDs in a weekend but did not want to discourage the professor :-) He seems to be extremely sharp and has promised a lot of cold calling this semester. I am pretty sure I will get called the first day. I am also taking Intellectual property & Competitive Strategy (Strat) and Advanced Competitive Tactics (Economics) classes. Learned some interesting trivia and will post about it some time in the future.
The second year fall semester is supposed to be the most challenging semester in the B-School experience. I have been fairly decent in managing time with this blog, have made this blog transparent to the craziness of personal time availability and not boring the readers with 'breaks' and 'hibernation' messages. But I foresee a period of infrequent updates and incoherent posts. Such is life.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the term, hawk...

Look forward to more B-school posts...

Just out of curiosity, when you talk about professors cold calling ... what exactly do you mean??

Anonymous said...

>>not boring the readers with 'breaks' and 'hibernation' messages.

unga kusumbukku alave illaya. sari sari naalikaavathu correctana class ku poi attend pannunga.

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Oh... but well, even a nice good weekend post once in a while will be good, hawkeye: please don't shut it completely :)

BTW, I am new to the grad student culture: so what exactly is cold calling? Any anecdotes to illustrate? :D

Anonymous said...

Surprised there is no prof survey at UM. At W, every prof is rated on a million different dimensions including cold calling frequency and how painful the callings are. But those profs also tend to have the better ratings from students, so it is a necessary evil i guess.


Hawkeye said...

anon, sudipta,

thanks. cold calling is a bschool conceppt (i guess). its nothing special it happens in schools/colleges in India daily. you are just not used to it so much in grad school in US and it doesnt count for grades anywhere else as it does in bschool.

i have written about it here

Hawkeye said...


:-) i seriously did not intend kusumbu. sorry :-)


there are ratings but there are some new profs in UM so there is a little bit of uncertainity