Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back To School

Coutesy Cagel


c2c said...

Good luck on your next term. I sent you an e-mail at your hawkeye e-mail id about my Ross application. Reply when you get a chance.

rads said...

haha@the cartoons. Esp the short vacation one, and reality TV.

Back to school eh? :)

Anonymous said...

unrelated comment - about revert

saw this on a news website.. "But Garg is not the only one. Air india's customer Priya Maheshwari is facing a similar problem.

"I called up the customer service centre but they did not respond. Later when I wanted to speak to the supervisor they did not respond and said I cannot speak to the supervisor," says Maheshwari.

Air India in its response says it is looking into the matter and will revert soon. "

Sudipta Chatterjee said...


The short vacation thingie was just brilliant!