Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dreams Nightmares and Insomnia

I wasn't able to sleep for 2 nights in a row. I am not sure why? The sudden adrenalin rush after school started is probably the reason. But what he said in The Fight Club is true. If you don't sleep the night the next day your are neither asleep nor awake. Its kind of a blurry world out there.

The entire night I had the one single conversation (that I had earlier) looped over and over in my mind. For 6 hours my mind replayed some inane conversation I had during the day. I could not stop it. I tried to think of some cricket match I saw, thought about the hanuman story my grandma told me. All this failed to distract me. I returned back to have that conversation in many different ways.

The second night a similar thing happened. Its like at 10:30 when you go to sleep, if a thought strikes you that you won't get sleep today, you most probably won't. The thought is like a weather warning that you get before it happens. So yesterday was terrible in terms of my alertness. I was barely conscious of where I was standing.

Finally managed to sleep yesterday night. But it was weird. I got my exam dreams again. I was in a state, where I had to write my 12 std (grade) exams again. In my dream I had 2 weeks to go for that. Although everybody around me is worried and are constantly studying (co-students are people from work, uncles, arbitrary people), I am not. But I am afraid. Just that I don't do anything about it I don't know why. I have chemistry subject that much I remember, then I have my 8th semester switching circuit theory exam and then I have a Hindi exam. When I got up in the morning today, I got up with some other arbitrary conversation looped back in my head.

Maybe there is some truth to saying prayers before we sleep and immediately after getting up. It can have a soporific (?) effect.


Sowmya said...

Some nights are like that only! Recently I had a dream where a mullah has issued a fatwa on me and I am running, running and I can't find my slippers.

anantha said...

Yes.. yess.. naan mattum dhaan ippadi nu nenaichen! But not too much exam dreams for me.

Last night it was a "twister"! REALLY! A twiser. And we had to evacuate and someone flew me in a 3 seater plane to safety. And I was taking a walk aroudn the area that I was evacuated too and three huge dogs started chasing me! And that was when I woke up sweating!

Ramya said...

It so happens that the mind really controls the system, its all up in the attic right between ur ears!

Vidya said...

hmm.. if its some arbit conversation for you, its usually some song for me. Torture !!, it usually takes days before they are wiped clean from my system.

Arvind said...

When I find it hard to sleep, I usually pick up the iPod, choose a new age album (I have plenty) and plug in my earphones. I've never stayed up longer than the album takes to end.. :)

Another approach that has worked for me is a DIY bicycle maintenance book.. I try reading it like a novel and usually fall asleep within 10 minutes.

MLC said...

i've had that irritating "can't go to sleep" stuff too and yes, i can vouch for the prayer part. It does work for me. don't knw how, but it works! u should try it too. one liner, 2 lines, 4 lines ... any prayer actually. try pannitu effect yenna nu sollunga.

Anonymous said...


Adhu guilt da... ivalo ponnungaloda vaazhkaya kaeduthomey'nu guilt.


I said...

prayers and truth? Enna link?

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Oh... so th exams are creeping you out, eh? Don't worry... some heavy-headed reading usually works awesome, especially if it is a course-book :)

Anonymous said...

Mega blade, did you write this so that others can read and sleep?

Raghuveeran said...

first time to ur blog...
u hav these much of people who dream!! a Lucid Dreamer,slightly different....

anantha said...


You mean I enter girls' lives like a puyal and destroy their lives? Enna Mouna Ragam Karthik range-uuku elevate pannita da!

And oh.. I get these weird ear worms sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night. And you weirdly you know what puts me to sleep? Cricket commentary! Really! I imagine a game of cricket and start "commentating" in my mind and soon I drift to sleep!

Harish said...

oh well, idhukku irae solution thaan.. quarter adichu kupara padukaradhu :P

Hawkeye said...


he he. A mullah issuing a fatwa.. what did you do ?


exams dreams are the worst u have to experience it in the day and night


the problem is too many things depend on the attic. id rather have somethings outsourced


same here. it takes 2 days for me to forget a song/conversation

Hawkeye said...


next time i'll take my economics book and give it a try. hopefully i wont overdo it and go into a coma :-)


prayer takes me to some othe rloop and then to some other conversation and then loop


oru linkum illai.


exams.. i think its high time somebody got rid of them. too much lack of trust in the universe...when i say i read it the teacher should just believe it.

Hawkeye said...


lucid dream? what do you mean by that?


unakku kannalam aagalai.. ithellam nee sagajama pesalaam.

raghuveeran said...

Lucid dreaming is the conscious perception of one's state while dreaming, resulting in a much clearer ("lucid") experience and usually enabling direct control over the content of the dream.