Saturday, September 02, 2006

Interview: "I am funny" insists (begs) Why. Jee. Magendaran

Kabali Times caught up with yesteryear theater "actor" "comedian" Y.G.Mahendran for a tete-tete-te (er...) te.

Kabali Times: Hello Y.G! How are you doing?
YGM: I am doing. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ROTFL. That was a superb joke no. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
YGM: ha ha ha ha. Dont you think my joke was funny.
Kabali: ????
YGM: Well. I said, I am 'doing'. It was a joke. He he.. ha ha..
Kabali: I see that you have not changed a lot over the years. Don't you think you have a strong resemblance with Krish Srikkanth in terms of the clarity of your expression and delivery.
YGM: Thank you. It came naturally to me. I call it talent. ha ha ha ha. ha ha ha ha. did you see that joke talent. ha ha ha ha.
Kabali: Sir! Please it was not a compliment. At least have some basic level of intelligence to know when you are insulted. Thank you.
YGM: he he ... ha ha..
Kabali: We have a burning question, we'd like to ask you. Everybody in the country wants to know the answer to this.
YGM: So it is a matter of national importance.(laughs even more) Very good then ask.
Kabali: Before I ask this question. Can you answer a few background questions
YGM: I will answer backgound okay. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Kabali: ok...ay. sigh... How many movies have you acted?
YGM: Around 70 movies.
Kabali: How many stage shows have you done?
YGM: Around 20+
Kabali: How many TV dramas have you done?
YGM: around 3 or 4.
Kabali: Are you a comedy actor?
YGM: Why are you asking this. Weren't people rolling on the floor in laughter when I cracked those jokes at the beginning of the interview.
Kabali: Which people?
YGM: The thousands who are thronging to catch this interview live.
Kabali: Your mom is a retired principal. She has to love you out of compulsion. Even she wont watch it. The school principal may use this interview as a punishment for students. Seriously! Now I'll ask the burning question.
YGM: mmm...Go ahead.
Kabali: In the 70 movies, 20 dramas and 4 TV series, that you have participated as a "comedy" actor, can you tell us if you have cracked one, teeny weeny, single genuine joke that made at least one person even think of laughing.
YGM: What do you mean? My work has been enormously funny.
Kabali: Your work. Listen to me carefully. In all these 20 years, do people remember you for a single joke. Have you made anyone laugh at your joke instead of at you? Has anybody ever laughed, recalled or remembered a single joke that you have made in your entire career.
YGM: There are so many jokes. what do you mean? I was a successful comedy career.
Kabali: One joke please. Tell us that.
YGM: How about the one in Sakala-kala-vallavan.
Kabali: What joke?
YGM: The one where I wash the buffalo.
Kabali: Sigh... I couldnt distinguish you and the buffalo. I thought 2 of them were having sex. Dude! did you get those movie chances because you were related to Rajinikanth.
YGM: No.... my artistic intelligence and creativity got me those roles. In all speheres of life I have applied these attributes of mine.
Kabali: Is this the same crap you apply in your school when you unnecessarily intervene there.
YGM: Many students owe their success to me. Jai Hind.
Kabali: That ladies and gentlemen concludes the interview with India's most unfunny comedian. No one, I repeat no one has accomplished what YGM has done. He has managed 3 decades of comedy career that has not been marred by a single joke. Even Sidhu has spoken sense.. well actually not.. but you get the scale now. Not even by accident has he appeared funny. No mean achievement.


tilotamma said...

**In the 70 movies, 20 dramas and 4 TV series, that you have participated as a "comedy" actor, can you tell us if you have cracked one, teeny weeny, single genuine joke that made at least one person even think of laughing.**

You forgot that one silly TV ad he was in..

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Who exactly was lucky enough to interview this guy? I have never seen him, but this transcript makes me want to watch the interview at least :)

raj said...

ROTFL. Now, you see - he has made me LOL, albeit in a roundabout way but you are still right - we are laughing at him rather than with him.
How about SS Chandran? Another so-called 'comedy' actor who hasnt a single comic moment worth remembering.

Nilu said...

edra aruvala...

Krishna said...

once i had to watch a YG drama on stage with my schoolmates. it was entirely unfunny & we were planning to leave the auditorium when someone from the audience shouted, 'ha ha samma comedy. sirichu sirichu vayiru valikkudhu'. for once yg understood someone is mocking at his skills. he stopped the play midway, asked the operators to switch on the lights and started a verbal argument with this guy. there were hardly 20 ppl to witness the play & once this incident happened most of viewers, including us, left the hall. this sick actor not only has a bad sense of humor but also a horrible temper.

Sowmya said...

I was at a play once where the climax was dragging. Someone from the audience yelled "seekram mudi". He stopped the drama yelled back at the audience in general, then completed an already dragging climax.

Anonymous said...

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I said...

semma mokka party avan. I happened to see him at a dance program in madras recently, ebba, periya MGR nu dhan nenappu..

And when I was in school, summa summa vandhu blade poduvan.

Anonymous said...

I recently listened to two interviews of his at It'sDifferent. (Oh, boy, he was so awfully boringly getting showy and all.)
I do think he is devoid of humour in his original/inventive efforts, like his "serious-yet-funny" plays (I haven't watched any, but have seen bits and heard clips from that interview) and when he talks about them or other matters of importance.
Yet, I have found him funny in the older movies, I should say. (Recently, he made me LOL in a scene from Murattu Kaalai!)

S S Chandran is in a different league, IMO. He can't be funny for nuts.

Anonymous said...

Uh, sorry, forgot to put in the links.

Part 1

Part 2

I have warned you enough.

Hawkeye said...


ya! i forgot which advt. i only remember ambigapathy serial


:-) working on it :-)


i agree with SSC

tilotamma said...

I am not sure I remember the product. It was him with that roly-poly Vanitha. In the kitchen going "hello Hitler, butler..."

S=Zero thanks for the links :-)

karthick said...

Nalla velai naan pizhaithu kondaen! :-)
YGM, SSC maathiri aalungala planet kadathanum.

Sridhar Visvanath said...

Machi...I think I have too many things common...Except that I am too optimistic...and dejected when that optimism is not life:-)...One thing is that I hate YGM...Anyways...Want to get in touch with you...I am sridhar visvanath...recent bellevue-d...
find me in by searching for sridharvisu76...reach me at

Sridhar Visvanath said...

YGM is a better at serious acting...or overacting(grinning trying to give that casual apathetical cool look...) than comedy...paritchaikku neramaachu...or Sahana..for instance...he fits a strategy my close friend used to profess...get a title that you are not...for instance...get a Proj Mgr...title if u r technically good...that ways people will not qn ur proj mgmt background..because u r one now..and some might even appreciate ur technical acumen inspite of u being a can seriously backfire as in YGM...or since he is ignorant of that fact..worked well...

Sridhar said...

i once went to the 80th marriage of a family friend with my mother. Y GEE also made an appearance. The wedding hall was in first floor. Y.Gee wanted the 80 year old couple to come down so he can meet them. I was like, what the hell man. Who do you think you are?