Saturday, September 09, 2006

Movie Review: Jillunu One Love

Is it 'Jillunu' Oru Kaahdal or 'Sillunu' Oru Kaadhal? It is the latter because the former is not a Tamizh name.

I like this move by Tamizh Nadu government to provide tax breaks on movies that have Tamizh names. It lets economics take over things. But who defines Tamizh? Why is 'J' not tamizh? Will sanani get saladosam or will courts give sameen to murder accused in sallikattu? This is taking language patriotism to a ridiculous extent. I have known for some time what words form part of language and what don't but this triggered off that old irritation I had with language guardians of Tamizh Nadu.

I agree Prakrit (and so Hindi) is unnecessarily excessive with its granularity of alphabets and goes overboard in representing cosmetic pronunciations like kh, jh etc (and has reverse incorporated these stupid sounds into English and made life miserable). But at least it covers all the regular sounds that phonetics cover. If I can pronunce anything, I can readily represent most of whatever babble I pronunce, in either Hindi or English. Tamizh on the other hand is in denial about basic sounds like sh, ha, j. To me it violates what language script is all about - in following the ability of humans to pronounce stuff. In some warped effort to preserve one of the oldest languages, I think they have stopped its evolution. What the hell do they mean when they say 'j' is not a tamizh word? When you enter TN, will that sound go away? When you try saying 'j' will your throat choke. You can say it right? 'j' - said it right? So have a script to represent it. I can't imagine what hell science students in Tamizh medium go through. And all these guardians can't even say 'zh' properly.

Anyway about the movie. Bad Movie. I hate love stories of any kind. I watched 15 minutes of that Sharukh khan/kajol movie and ran away tearing my hair apart. I hate family sentiment movies, mushy mushy movies. I have seen enough to last 5 life times and cant see one more love story. I sort of know the producer Gnanavel. Have hung out with him. We have talked movies (Babs a regular here is much more closer to him). I would be sorry if in some context Gnanavel reads this (I am pretty sure he won't) post and finds me bashing this movie. But I think it is a poorly written screenplay. Fluff is good but it should be one layer above good screenplay. This screenplay which starts the thread from Jyotika Point of View (POV) and takes us to a neutral POV and then gives a Surya POV and then a Jyotika POV has wasted enormous time in masala crap. The 1 day between Surya and Bhoomika is what this movie is all about and that should not have be reserved until the last 20 minutes of the movie. It drags, its bores us to death sometimes, too much crying, which I hate. I don't think men cry so much. Women cry a lot, I agree :-)

I also have to say I found the acting mediocre. The lead trio was okay. I dont think that meesaikaran could have given birth to Jyotika. Too much of a strech. Ithellam kojam over. There is this new comedian that I keep seeing, Santhanam. He is a riot and mainly because of the dialogs. The 'nair kadai paruppu vegalai' joke literally made me fall out of the seat. Just one thing - his intonation or pitch is always the same - maybe he needs to change that.

The movie does have some sound basis. Almost everybody has seen real life characters such as this (although hiding the old marriage pumpkin inside the new marriage rice is oooovar). In this case, one member of the couple, has a past that he wants to hide and he lies about it. The director through Jyotika has made no moral judgement on Surya because of this. It is taken as a given that lying is logical. I think nowadays people would not make a 'moral issue' over it but instead endorse it. That he loved another person before and lied about it to his wife is practical. In finanncial terms :-) - its sunk cost. No point in even discussing it. This is the only thing that was 'okkkay' in this movie.

The songs I liked in the descending order of super'ness

1. NewYork (Very good picturization)
2. Machakaari & Maaricham (the songs are merged to 1 song in this movie.. poor picturizatin)
3. Munbe Vaa (nowadays I don't like melody songs)
4. Gummi Adi
5. Jillunu

I feel totally validated about my thoughts on VV after watching this movie. it is so above average because movies like SOK keep the average low.


MLC said...

OMG! did'nt xpect u to brand it as a "bad movie"!! i'm so looking forward to seeing it next wk! ( suriya is 1/2 the reason:-).. but then again, since all luv stories fall under one category for u (bad),i'll not take this review seriously! thanks anyway!

Anu said...

Did u watch it online? Could u email me the link?

logic said...

I think 'Jillunu' resembles the word 'chill'..its not just the 'J'

Hawkeye said...


i like surya. but still the movie was so-so. But i agree with you, i may not be the right person for love story review.


watched it in novi theater


i think both jillunu and sillunu are tamilification of chill'nu. the problem is that 'j' is not tamizh.

Anonymous said...

Not on the movie itself, but I think Tamizhnattula 90% makkal are not the "right persons for love story review!"
I hope you get what I mean. Namma valarppe appdi thaan!

Anonymous said...

was kidnapped for the movie today ... and I am glad I am still surviving after this movie!
I agree it was bad ... no worse than BAD!

Anonymous said...

New York nagaram: Good picturisation ellaam seri thaan.... but, there was no New York in that song!!!!!
Innum ippadi ellaam makkalai emathuraanga!!!

Hawkeye said...


totally agree. TN name shld be changed to RC


:-) same here. literaly blackmailed and kidnapped. we have introduce no-boring-movie clause in prenuptuals.


there was no 4 glass doors and candles too. :-)

but it was well picturized.

Babs said...

oops is it that bad, hope ppl dont read ur review and go watch it :-)
I saw VV only yesterday (damn Adelaide), felt it was very OK but had great shots and some cool confrontations, here n there some inconsistencies but overall good effort and worth watching Kamal for his subtle performance.
Cant wait for Paruthi now ;-)

Anonymous said...

Pardon my ignorance, but what is RC?

This social conditioning in TN has always been fascinating to me, and when I refer to it, I can't help but laugh at it with a bit of "fondness" instead of bashing it to the hilt.

Vidya said...

Hey, watch your words .. its a Surya movie. [Lorryla sorry 12 wheelerla aal varudhu ann arborkku :)]. I hate mushy, mushy movies as well, but damn, he's good looking. On the other hand, actually, its ok that you bashed it..he tied the knot today. tch, tch. :(

I said...

royal challenge a?