Thursday, October 19, 2006

Business Week Rankings - Michigan Breaks into Top 5

So this is the month when rankings from various magazines come out. Business Week is by far my favorite place for information on business schools. Once every two years (which is the correct frequency to rank schools) it comes out with a new set of school rankings. Among the rankings that are out there I feel, Business Week's ranking system is reasonably better than U.S.News or Wall Street Journal. Rankings on the whole are a subject of great dispute and many terabytes of data have been wasted on it. However, while applying to business schools, I took it a litte bit more seriously than many others (who claimed they did not see rankings at all - not that I believe them completely). And the rankings I looked at the most seriously was BW rankings.

The knee-jerk reaction for many students/applicants when asked to name their top 5 schools would be 1. HBS 2. Stanford 3. Wharton 4. Kellogg 5. Michigan/Chicago. This is like a typical representation of asked-while-walking-on-the-street opinion of an applicant. BW rankings, are slightly better than the other rankings because, even though they have the order different they are at least in the ball park of common man's opinion. Anyway here goes their rankings

1. Chicago - GSB
2. U Penn - Wharton
3. NorthWestern - Kellogg
4. Harvard - HBS
5. Michigan - Ross
6. Stanford - GSB
7. MIT - Sloan
8. Berkeley - Haas
9. Duke
10. Columbia
11. Dartmouth - Tuck
12. UCLA
13. Cornell
14. NYU - Stern
15. UVA - Darden

I mentioned last year in a blog post that Michigan (which was at 6 then) was looking at knocking out one of the top 5 and enter the Top 5. I wouldn't have picked Stanford as the candidate that was knocked out. I am wrong and surprised.

I wouldn't be surprised if Michigan drops (if it maintains itself at 5 in 2008 - then it has done really well) in the 2008 rankings because its going through a huge renovation/construction. However, what happens after that would be interesting.

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c2c said...

I haven't followed BSchool rankings for too long, and had never heard of Michigan in the same breath as other top 10 schools. But when I started researching BSchools, Michigan seemed quite interesting. Berkeley Haas is the other program that has rapidly leapfrogged over traditional top 10s like Cornell, Duke etc. When I visited Ross, I did find the present venue a bit cramped for space, esp compared to Chicago and Wharton campuses. The other shortcoming is the location (middle of nowhere but automakers!). Atleast the first one would be corrected when the new building comes up. But I like the rest of the Ross package so much that it is one of the 5 schools I'm applying to in R1 this year!