Monday, October 09, 2006

Google: Vettaiyadu Velaiyadu

The search giant buys You Tube.

I always thought You Tube was not a clean buy because of the innumerable pirated stuff it contains. However after close of day on Monday Google announced that it is buying You Tube for $1.64 Billion.

1. Google Inc. is snapping up YouTube Inc. for $1.65 billion in a deal that catapults the Internet search leader to a starring role in the online video revolution

2. It came just hours after YouTube unveiled three agreements with media companies in an apparent bid to escape the threat of copyright-infringement lawsuits.

3. The price makes YouTube, a still-unprofitable startup, by far the most expensive purchase made by Google during its eight-year history.

4. You tube is a 67 employee company.


The Individualist said...

Ooh. The last point was the most effective one and not surprisingly made me gasp-

Hawkeye said...


:-) I was shocked.

imagine! even if the split unevenly and unfairly. even the biggest loser among the 67 employees would get like 1%.

Anonymous said...

The split would definitely be uneven and unfair... why would the employees get any bigger share? Unless of course, the two Youtube guys feel rather magnanimous...
point 5 could be:
It has been less than 2 years since Youtube was founded... That makes it, $1.65 bn in two years for its founders and investors... pretty neat deal they got themselves, huh?!

Hawkeye said...


i think it is common to expect employees of startups to own some non-triial share of equity.

i am okay with the founders getting a lion's share. its their idea. they aren't obligated to be magnanimous at all. nobody is.

I said...

And I am the only employee in my company..