Monday, October 02, 2006

Indian Cricket - I

Dilip Vengsarkar was one of the most elegant players on circuit in the 80s. So was Gundappa Viswanath in his days. Both share something else. They later became Chairman of National Selectors with the responsibility for selecting the Indian cricket team. They share something else + 1 too. They are the most parochial people in the history of Indian cricket to take up this top job. Their regional biases, narrow mindedness and i-will-push-my-state-player-no-matter-what is unparalleled. Anybody who has seen Sujith Somasunder, David Johnson, and Dodda Ganesh can attest G.R.Viswanath's credentials. Any old copy of Saturday Sports Special with Vengayasarkar's Straight Drive column should speak volumes of his jingoism.

Kiran More was probably the best Chairman of Selectors in our history. I liked his professionalism and for most of the time couldn't believe my ears/eyes that there was someone with such a logical brain in the selection committee. His time is up and he hands over the reins to Colonel.

Here is the nation's top newspaper shamelessly sucking up to the new chairman, who funnily according to the newspaper, is a "firm believer in performance". He is supposed to decide the fate of deposed captain, who has consistently been a firm non-believer in domestic circuit performance. Well! lack of domestic performance never stopped Ganguly from getting into the team before, why should it bother him now? Either Ganguly's got some hope of a second life afterall or he has fallen from More's frying pan into the Sharad Pawar lit Mumbai fire.

Huh! Vengsarkar is a "firm believer in performances". Robin Singh must be sharpening a dagger somewhere


I said...

You know sometimes I think there was a deliberate bias specifically against players from Tamil Nadu.

Venkat said...


You may be right about Vishwanath & Vengsarkar..!! but it's a little startling because there's this image of them being low profile gentlemen..

but the zonal seperation itself leaves a lot of scope for exploitation..,
i'd think a selector from Tamil Nadu would be inclined to do the same..
i know that you don't perceive that as the correct logic, but my point is that there is a flaw with the system and that nobody is oblivious to exploiting it..

We don't know whom Kiran More was suckin up to..and I find quite a few of his selection dubious..: to name picking Ganguly as an allrounder for the Pak tour as an example..

Arul said...

Couldnt agree with you more, though I am/rather used to be a Ganguly fan

D.N.A. said...

Hawk, I think Bongs won't agree with your view on More. I think they are all stooges.

D.N.A. said... "they", I mean the selection chairmen.

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