Monday, October 23, 2006

Meme - Lies About me

Before I start the meme -A digression - let me do a quick introduction to some of my favorite Under-Eighteen-Blogs (Blogs run by very young people). Hamsini is this sweet little girl who runs a delightful blog at Live Journal. Sometimes - it is so nice to visit blogs by U-18 kids like Hamsini or Magix (not U-18 anymore - I guess). They talk about stuff which takes you back in time to your college days. The passion and fanatism they show on idols and stars actually makes me miss Michael Jackson, Boney M, Sachin, Sunny and all those things I used to die for. Hamsini is a huge Harsha Bhogle fan (who isn't) and a Cricket fanatic. Another U-18 blogger that I have been reading - since forever is Magix. He is a die hard ARR fan and I have known his interent fanatism for ARR for around 5-6 years (from TFM days). He runs a hilarious blog known for its kadi jokes.
Anyway the point of this post is that I was tagged by Hamsini. The object of this tag is to write 6 things about me. 5 are complete lies and 1 is totally true. The idea is for people to find the 'true' thing and leave a comment - saying what the 'true' thing is. So here goes.
1. I sing very well.
2. I don't like to eat. Especially to eat out.
3. I do all the work around my house and never trouble others.
4. I had a secret crush on 'Kutti' Padmini (Hindi Folks: She played lead role in a TV drama series about Navy People).
5. I hate drum sticks. Especially drum sticks in sambhar.
6. I hate P.C.Sreeram. I think he is the worst cinematographer in India.


Anonymous said...

i guess no.4 is the truth.

Yadayada said...

its obvious. The whole world knows that u had a crush with kutti padmini. It came in papers also, later it became a big controversy. other 4 lies are also obvious :-)

Sush said...

I was looking up what people thought of the incorrect use of the word "revert" so commonly misused in India to mean reply, and I found your blog. Very funny stuff. I also first saw the word used in that manner in an e-mail from my bank in India. What really makes it funny is that the people who use it in that way think they're using a better word than "reply!" Go figure.

cerisecarnations said...

i skipped the intro to ur post and started reading what you listed ...i was suprised ...then read the whole post carefull later ...:D.devil lies in the detail huh..;)

Nilu said...

'ingotha....kezha boltu.

hamsini said...


and thanks for all those compliments.:D

sweet lil girl..hardly.

hamsini said...

btw!i aint under-18 either!hmppph!ive voted twice now!:O

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

No. 3 !! All else kinda makes sense ;)

Anonymous said...

Obviously Sudipta has neither had good sambhar nor seen Agni Natchathiram, Thiruda Thiruda etc...

Hawkeye said...


notice the 'wink' sudipta has put out.

there was one person who (even if for a joke) wanted to acknowledge that I do work around the house and you cant stand that :-) . All Jealousy :-)

ada-paavi!!!! said...

im goin with number 4,

next time nambara madri poi sollungo, the 5th is a blatant lie. u commented saying ur mani fan, and then not liking PC Sreeram is a lie ;)

ada-paavi!!!! said...

number 3 dhaan unmaiya? i din read comment. hmm interesting

Deepa said...

That KuttiPadmini serial was called Sangharsh and was aired on DD1.

Schmetterling said...

i cheated a little, and took help from anna :) but kutti-padmini? hmmm..!!!!!

Anonymous said...

voted twice ????? ....its been more than 9 years since i got right to vote.. ..couldnt get a chance to vote..yet... i mean ..whenever elections happened i dont belong to that place and declined vote right.. :(

MLC said...

i think #1 is true. neenga nalla paaduveenga nu yenaku thonudhu... ofcourse, "very well" is subjective nu kooda sollalaam!! i'll still vote for #1 as the truth. results seekiram veliyidunga!!

Anupadmaja said...

How can you call Sachin a thing! Do you have a secret crush on Kutty Padmini or something?

Ram Prasadh said...
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Ram Prasadh said...

I am used to POE these days and have to pick 1 out of 6 instead of 5 choices.
Option 1: It is a blatant lie so i'll eliminate it
Option 2 : I thut ur wife would go for this but since she herself has agreed that her food is such a horrible thing 2 have i won't even look at this option. So eliminate it.oh!! u wuld enjoi this comment. I can see u laughing.
Option 3: Ulaga maga poi ithunu theriyum. i have been with u for 1 mth and know abt. ur laziness. aha!! i can see ur wife ROTFL.
Option 4: This option is bit tricky. For the time being i'll keep it.
Option 5: I have seen DS in sambhar many a times when i was staying with you. So this is a lie.
Option 6: Being an ardent fan of Manirathnam i guess this option is a lie. Besides BRR doesn't like to criticize others and has got great respect towards people. So eliminate it.

That leaves us with option 4. Crush on KP. Hurray!!

Hawkeye said...




enna kozhzuppa. entha paper'la paathe? I am an awesome help around my house


exactly. they use it thinking its something sophisticated.

Hawkeye said...


:-) heading also skipped?


u r just 1 year younger than me.

Hawkeye said...


r u returning my compliment. should i have sour big man .

twice voted? how? did u vote for panchayat elections.

Hawkeye said...


thanks for being the only one to say nice things about me.

Hawkeye said...


its # 4

Hawkeye said...


ya sangharsh. she was awesome even in that serial. (dreamy eyed) cant beat her looks.

Hawkeye said...


kutti padmini is really good looking. her height was her disadvantage. othewrise she'd made it big.

i guess we all have our own idiosyncracies :-)

Hawkeye said...


/* whenever elections happened i dont belong to that place and declined vote right.. :( */

this is my story in life, until recently.


(un)fortunately it is kutti padmini.

Hawkeye said...


aaamaam aamaam


drum stick is my life, crazy about PC, cant sing like you (but better than you-know-who :-) ), useless around the house.

i love KP (not kaatu panni) and I am sure many men share similar sentis.

terrywhatlee said...

You didnt mean "Kaatu panni", you meant "Kadal Panni"


hamsini said...

Yes,I voted a couple of weeks ago for the local elections, and in May for the state assembly ones.=D

thennavan said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

You Crescent '98? You have a hillarious blog - enjoyed reading your posts, especially the one on Tanglish and revert - couldn't agree with you more.

Best wishes.

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Hey, hawkeye, how did you get the area detection thing on the top-right of your blog? I mean the top of your sidebar? The one which says "Hope you have a good day in ..."?

Rajesh said...

Kutti padmini now or then?