Thursday, October 12, 2006


Remember that old advertisement for pickles. There is a boy who does not want to eat. He is sitting on his couch, refusing to budge, when his mom calls him for lunch. Then the grandma' taps the pickle bottle with a spoon and he rushes out of the couch to have lunch. I used to wonder - "who the hell would eat just for the sake of pickles. It is Just wrong". Turns out I was wrong. I am like that boy now (except that I don't refuse to eat lunch - Infact I often demand 3 lunches a day). Nowdays, I eat for the pickles. I am not sure if that advertisement was for Ruchi or Priya brand. But I am now, for some reason, addicted to Priya brand :-).
Especially Priya's Mango Thokku pickle. Its just so awesome. Since I hate garlic (my wife loves it), I am very choosy about pickles I eat. I have to say this Mango Thokku is the best. I am now not sure if the pickle or the curd rice is my main dish. I was not a big fan of curd rice, but now I eat it like there is no tomorrow. And pickles are the reason.
I would like to rank pickles in the following order - (Criteria: "Who is curd Rice's best Friend") . This excludes vegetables (because Potatoe Roast, Cauliflower & Okra/LadiesFinger would win hands down). I am only ranking commercially sold pickles and not homemade stuff (because inarguably homemade stuff rocks). So without any delay...
3. Gadaranga Pickle (whats a more identifiable name for this?)
4. Naarthamkai (just bite it and eat it along with Curd Rice)
5. Mango ( Ripe full Mango - not the Pickle)
6. Mixture (with ground nuts) - Whats the Hindi Name for this?
7. Maavadu (Unripe Mango - I am not a big Fan)
hmm... Why do I suddenly miss a lot of things? I hate exams. I hate them. I hate them. I hate Them.


I said...

so TamBram.

Anonymous said...

I did that for 2 yrs. I'm still trying to loose those pounds that I had gained. Beware of Sarkarai (not the TNV one) via-thi.

Hawkeye said...


it is important to confirm to some stereo types.


i know. i know. all excexx pounds will be shed by the imaginary gym i go to in ther future filled with magical motivation, enthu and time.

Anu said...

I personally am partial towards Andhra style pickles,eventhough I'm a tam-bram ...they simply rock.
Have you tried Priya's 'Red chilli pickle'? It's really good...a little spicy, but delicious. Oh BTW, the ad was for Ruchi. I think Priya is more recent. Ruchi has been around for ages. Nice post.


Anu said...

I lovvvve Vadumaanga. IMHO, no other pickle comes even close. Next would be Naarthangaai.

Mixture kku indhi la, namkeen nu solluvaangalo?

I said...

did u forget the aavakai urga?

true, no one can deny a quarter century of thayir sadham conditioning.

VC said...

What is your opinion (if you have tried) of taking some curd rice in hand, making a kuzhi, pouring some prev day's vaththakkozhambu and eating it in such a way that everyone within 100ft knows what you just did? Where does that rank?
You do eat curd rice with hand, right??

Shiloh said...

How about ompodi and bedekar avvakkai pickle

MLC said...

thaalichified thachchi mamam is awesome too! esp. if its slightly warm ... like u wud get in thirupathi or even the sathyanarayaa temple in w.mambalam!

MLC said...

thaalichified thachchi mamam is awesome too! esp. if its slightly warm ... like u wud get in thirupathi or even the sathyanarayaa temple in w.mambalam!

Anonymous said...

I may be the odd man out. But I hate pickles. I love egg podimas with curd rice.

Babs said...

I know pickles are very relative to taste buds but machi try Bedekar I found it to be pretty good, not that I'm trying to lure you from "Priya" pickles ;-)

Nilu said...

have you ever had a roomie who'd spit into your pickle bottle when you were away?

Anonymous said...

VC, i think the tam bram is vegetarian - wouldnt eat any rice with hand :)

Anonymous said...

Gongura ???

Arvind said...

hi HawkEye,

the topic is so lip smacking that i can't resist leaving a comment. A serious reccomendation. You 'have' to taste the 'Allam Pachadi' - that is Priya's Ginger Pickle (without garlic). I challenge you that it will overtake the Mango Thokku in your ratings. You would start consuming the 'Ginger Pickle' along with every dish you eat.

Arvind, a Priya Ginger Pickle Fanatic

Ramanujam said...

vadumanga juice(what do u call that!!) with curd rice rocks above all....avakai pickles which my chitti brings from Andhra has got NOOO match.....

Laksh said...

Nice post Hawkeye! Though I would have to say Mother's Recipe Ginger thokku beats all hands down.. except for the thayir sadam with kuzhi filled with yest's vatralkuzhambu. :)

Ram Prasadh said...

I have got a doubt here.
Do you rate Priya brand Mango thokku first or Priya panna Mango thokku first?

Ram Prasadh said...

I also heard tht u hv been recently humming this song too often.

"Ennatha sol venungo !!
Vadumaanga ooruthungo!!
Vadumaanga ooratumgo!!
Thayir saadham ready pannungo!!"


Anonymous said...

Addicted to priya brand?
You better..
No other brands please ;)


Hawkeye said...


among the many idiosyncracies i cant handle too much spice. thats completely wife dept. i always call her "main land andhra". She is tamil by some error.


yes its namkeen


actually avakkai oorgai deserves to be somewhere in that list

Hawkeye said...


i eat curd rice with hand. i remember making slight noise while drinking rasam/ spilled some rice outside the plate. my dad gave me a punsihment i'll never forget. havent made any unnecessary noise after that :-)

but i like the idea

Hawkeye said...


ompudi ricks!. It comes under misture category. Murukku, thengai podi et all work with curd rice.

Hawkeye said...


have u ever underestimated the 'soodu' of curd rice and then literally burnt your hand in s.narayana temple :-) shocker isnt it?

Hawkeye said...


dont eat egg. but i think *.podimas will fall in a completely different category. we are only talking about commercially available curd rice friends.

Hawkeye said...


will try bedekar. people like it so much that it keeps getting reocmmended every where.

life'la variety romba mukkiyam amchi.. inniki priya.. tomorrow bedekar etc etc :-)

Hawkeye said...


u are making me reevaluate my roomies and think slightly better of them. i thought that was never possible.

Hawkeye said...




never tried it. will try.arvind,
i think my wife is about to try out your suggestion. among the many weirdness that I posess a severe allergy to ginger is in the top3.

Hawkeye said...


avvakai seriously was a big miss from the list.


thayir + kuzhambu of any sort really rocks. vc mentioned vathalkuzhambu - even onion sambhar rocks with curd rice.

Hawkeye said...


I love anything that follows 'priya' mainly because i follow priya.

Hawkeye said...


:-) good song


as i said - variety is the spice of life

krishna said...

nothing can beat Old Monk + Ravi's oorugai. If Ravi's isnt available in Cheta shop,go for Chinni's.

Anonymous said...

1) Nathan's vadumaanga-the slightly watery chilli gravy(for lack of a better word) in it is most amazing
2) Avakkai-Not just the mango piece but the "oota" (the masala) is the best
3) Priya Green chilli (mmmmmmmmm)
4) Priya Garlic pickle

5) Kothamalli - my mom used to pack this combo for school and by aft the thogaiyal would hv slowly merged with curd rice the way "Neerum sengula cherum" does
6) Karuvepilai - same as above
7) Gongura
8) Allam/Ginger pacchadi (as mentioned by someone else)
9) Priya chintakku chiguru (tender tamrind leaves)


-fire eater

Anonymous said...