Monday, October 09, 2006

Spouses get to see Case Based method

For the past one year many in the MBA spouses society were wondering - what the hell do these MBA husband/wife of theirs meant when they said "case based method" or "networking" (no connection to Richard Stevens or Doug Comer). These two words have become some sort of a inside joke. The ISBA at the Stephen.M.Ross School of Business has actually come up with an event that would allow some spouses to attend the strategy 502 core class taught by Prof. Prashant Kale. Prof. Kale is one of the favorite professors in the student community here. Many students believe that he is one of the best professors in Michigan and really good at teaching a case-based course. Unfortunately, I have not yet got a chance to take his class so far.
So, my wife received a case-study yesterday to prepare for her class (which is today). She, and 3 other members from the spouses club, get to sit in a first year MBA class and observe how the case based method works. It is the XBox case. So she gets to see an analysis of the video game industry starting from why Greg Canessa of Microsoft X-Box was staring out of his window into the cascade mountains wondering if the online-connected X-Box would work or not - to - if Sony would pull the carpet under Microsoft and enter the PC industry through the video game back door. XBox is actually an awesome division to work for. Product Manager roles in XBox is one of the most sought after jobs in campus. Unfortunately, it is also very hard to get.
Prashant Kale is a professor, who cold calls with sincerity. If you aren't invited to say something then you only raise your hand when you have something really intelligent to say because he will almost always provide an awesome counter argument to your point. Then you are on the spotlight with a professor at your neck. Out-arguing him is regarded as a learning experience in itself. He is one of those professors in Michigan who makes the case study concept truly interesting.


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