Sunday, October 15, 2006

Tips to Handle Stress - I

Are you studying for exams? Are you preparing for tough interviews? Are you wound up? Stressed? (Does this remind you of the "amaam sir! amaam" Anacin advt).

If you have checked one, two, three or all of the above do what I do.

Take a break every one hour or so. Log in to your messenger (both Yahoo and MSN). Find out who are all online. On a loop

for( i = contact_1; i <= MAX_OnlineContacts; i++) {
1. Send them all possible kinds of smilies, kick in the but, bat animations
2. Send them all kinds of winks, water splash, lady laughing.
3. In Yahoo Messenger - send out various kinds of coo's, abuses, pithy onliners (there are many pre-recorded stuff avaailable in the UI) - If you have N. Indian friends send them 'Tamil' pre-recorded stuff. Send Hindi stuff to your elderly relatives who dont understand hindi. Send Telegu stuff to your Tamil friends. National integrity is very important.

4. In MSN - record and send voice-o-grams. Record "boooo" (with 'oo' sound going on for 1 minute) or record "shaniyan" (say it 20 times) and send.

5. type "uck" cut (as in edit->cut) it and then type all 26 alphabets one-by-one and after each alphabet paste "uck" press enter -> type alphabet, paste, enter -> etc...


6. Dont reply to their messages asking "what" "are you crazy" " whats goinnn on"

7. Calmly log out. Don't feel guilty at all.

Do it every one hour. You will have a pleasant mood, have a smile in your face, will forget your stress. You will also do well in whatever you are preparing for. I just did it for my cousin. It was thereaupatic (I cant spell this word).

P.S: I am assuming your contacts aren't professional contacts.


Lone Crusader said...

me and my bro always do that to each other :D

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Awesome!! ROTFL!!

National integrity is important... oh yeah!! Ha hahaa

Too good... keep them coming

Rajni said...


Hope these tactics do not stress out others.

Wonder what tips will you give them then??? :)

Uma said...

Was it Anacin or Vicks Action 500 ?
Doesnt really matter since u got a better tech-savvy pill!

I said...

If the professional contacts are the very reason for the stress, it'd work fine as well.

hamsini said...

Remind me to block you on messenger.:P

WA said...

Hawkeye, please let me know your id. Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

Hv left a really longish list in your previous post.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Deepa said...

How many people have actually told you that you are hopelessly crazy?;-)

Anu said...

Never, am I adding you to my messenger list. :-P

Twisted DNA said...

LOL. Good post

"P.S: I am assuming your contacts arent professional contacts."
What does it matter, it's still as much fun ;)

fun2fun said...


i usually do this when am bored.. but i've never treid this when am stressed.. will try it out :D

n btw, first time here.. ur blog looks great!!