Saturday, November 11, 2006

Autograph Background Score

I happened to watch some scenes from Cheran's Autograph. I agree its a well crafted movie and is made to target the sensitive emotions of a majority of the population. I actually did not connect with the movie at all. Frankly, none of what was mentioned in the movie happened to me and I have lived and studied in villages. I kept thinking it was more relevant to my dad's era than mine.

But that aside. Did anyone notice this or is it just my imagination?

I think the background score of Autograph, especially the one that is played when Cheran goes to college in Kerala and falls in love with the Veena girl, is a rip-off of Eric Clapton's "Tears in Heaven". It does not just stop with resembling that song slightly - it is the instrumental version of "Tears in heaven" played with Indian instruments. Side Note: Eric Clapton has given many hits like "I shot the sheriff" and "Layla" but "Tears In Heaven", a song dedicated to the memory of his young child, who accidentally fell off the patio of a high rise building and died, touched a lot of hearts. Clapton won a (lot of) Grammy Awards for this single.


krishna senthil said...

i have sent an email .please chk it out .

Nilu said...

athavathu, nee perusu ...intha pazhaya pattellam keppa..

Anonymous said...


Adhaavadhu nee oru naai ..kanda kanda idathula ippidi kaal'a thookuvey

Dinesh said... was plainly obvious..and it didn't even seem to fit that particular scene it was playing in.

Ram said...

Hawk.. actually I could connect with this movie pretty well... perhaps it depends on the number of crushes you've had in various stages of life!

Any instances of plagiarism are sad... but this disappointment is nothing compared to what I had when you showed me that the Bombay background score was copied from a french ad!

Babs said...

It was not copied it was used by them i.e. credited to ARR Here
The same Bombay theme is also used in Lord of Wars

Sachita(india) said...

" I agree its a well crafted movie "
- Did you really think so?
I thought the movie had no editing, the end 1/2 an hr was a real drag, worse than our household wedding video.

ada-paavi!!!! said...

im shocked that you don know the difference between rip off and inspired.

the autograph soundtrack is inspired not ripped!!

indha indiava vittu velinatukku polana ippidi dhaan, ellam copying nu solleraga!!

blame the strong patent regime whch gives incentives to call everything copying :D

krishna senthil said...

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