Monday, November 06, 2006

A 'friend', 'source' 'passerby'

Have you read those novels where a James Bond like hero - risks his life, tracks a spy, who is sent to kill a president, chases the spy down in a high-speed car chase and finally kills the spy. Ofcourse the newspaper wont carry the true story. The next day the incident is reported as "a highway accident happened where a 'person' was killed and a 'passerby' witnessed the incident".
Have you read novels where a person and 'friend' study together. This 'person' becomes a sportsman. The sportsman becomes huge and wins something like a grandslam. A photo of the two appear in newspaper saying "popular sports personality xyz and 'friend' celeberate xyz's victory". So imagine how it is to be this 'friend', 'source' 'passerby'.
Its actually not bad :-).
My post, making fun of Orkut testimonials, seems to have caught a lot of attention. Some aggregators seem to point to it, some scraps have a link to it, and there seems to be an email forward with this link going around as well. My friend Sudhish Kamath, popular blogger, newspaper columnist and debutant movie director, wrote about that post, and offered his own suggestions on proper orkut decorum. This appeared in in one of India's leading national daily and I got mentioned as the 'friend'. I am actually glad to get referenced, even if I am just a pronoun in the article. But I thought about this over the weekend. I feel like the 6th guy in uniform in a Star Trek episode, you know the one who always gets killed by a Klingon phaser attack, (or) like the seventh guy in Karagattakaran movie, who is the hero's sixth side-kick after Goundan, Senthil, Sarala etc. That guy got one line in the movie and I got 1 full para.
Next my friend Karthi will take a bow as hero in the movie Paruthiveeran and maybe I'll get mentioned as a 'passerby'. Growing up I so wanted to be like one of these two people but I ended up as the 'friend'. Sad state of affairs. But ofcourse, in West Mamabalam (more specifically in my grand ma's house) these 2 guys will get mentioned as a 'friend' of hawkeye :-)
Ah! stardom! Its so infectious.


Anu said...

B, you rock!


Babs said...

But ofcourse, in West Mamabalam (more specifically in my grand ma's house) these 2 guys will get mentioned as a 'friend' of hawkeye :-)

LOL...good one daaa

btw dont worry machi we'll make a movie one day ;-)

cerisecarnations said...

hmm maybe he did not want to invade your privacy by putting ur name in the newspaper.Nevertheless doesnt take away from the fact that your post was really good and great laugh ..keep going hawkeye..;D

I said...

did u mean allakai?!

Anonymous said...

i feel for you

kausikram krishnasayee said...

nope klingons do not kill humans its the cartesians :)

Anonymous said... surya's bro is your friend..


WA said...


Vidya said...

filmuu thaangalai !!! :))

ssk said...

heyy u have made me curious .. my grandma said that Karthi used to be playing at her house when he was a kid... were u friends with him since childhood ..if so u might have actually been to my grandama's place.

If so I can now say : Hawkeye used to play at a "nearby" house in T.Nagar :p ;-)

Anon said...

Read your previous post. Very true. I cannot get myself into stupid networking like orkut. College guys in India are just wasting time in this crap in the name of networking. Sorry to write this comment under this post, though this post talks about the earlier one.

I think you should start writing about bloggers and blog spaces where the posts are much like orkut testimonials. I guess the next space for people to write whatever they want is this.

rads said...

West Mambalam?
I grew up rt across Ayodhya Mandapam!

Boy, those were some fun days *nostalgic background music*