Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Now Now..

  • This is the Indian Batting Line-up today

    1. Tendulkar 2. Jaffer 3. Sehwag 4. Karthick 5. Kaif 6. Dhoni

    I think the bar has been sufficiently lowered for Saurav Ganguly to be in the team.
  • I think the following players are nonsense 1.Agarkar 2. Suresh Raina 3. Venugopal Rao 4. Dinesh Mongia 5. Jaffer
  • The following players are talented players who may never deliver 1. Laxman 2. Dhoni 3. Yuvraj Singh 4. Sehwag
  • In one of those 'I am totally ashamed to be Indian' moments - I think the bar has been sufficiently lowered for Laloo Yadav to be in the parliament (now wait he already is)..well.. I guess even a fool like Navjot Sidhu can be a MP (no wait he already is). I think any bumbling idiot who can't even count to 3 - can now get into the parliament. It is embarassing to think of the idiots who are actually passing comments on the team and Chappell. Someone, an MP, actually said this "a majority of Ganguly fans feel that he should be part of the team and we need to communicate those feelings to the team.". Its not even " a majority of cricket fans" - how embarassing is that?
  • So these MPs have sent a comparable idiot called Dilip Vengayasarkar to communicate their retardedness to this team.
  • All the experiements have led to just 1 conclusion - that there are only 2 reliable batsman in the team and the rest are bonuses. 1 shot wonders and "i may/may not click today depending on which side of the bed I get up". There needs to be 1 more solid batsman in the line-up. Laxman is an excellent batter for the first 12 runs that he hits and then he gets out. So Laxman is not solid neither is Yuvraj, Kaif or Jaffer. Ganguly isnt solid either but he is better than these fools.
  • My god! we really have no bench strength.
  • Given the Idiot quotient of the selectors and MPs it is only appropriate that an ODI player like Ganguly be included in the test team. It makes perfect sense in that it does not make sense.
  • 2-3 out of the last 3 world cups our progress to the final stages has mainly depended upon 1 guy. In the last WC there seemed to be a semlance of back-up support to that guy. But for a idiot captain who chose to bat second, we might have actually had a shot of winning the finals. This time that guy is more alone than the 1996 WC.
  • Edit: Tendulkar's record against RSA is just pathetic. There seems to be no reason why he can do it against Aus and not against RSA. He isn't anybody's bunny and he has shown he can score in RSA. Its just specifically against RSA that he appears like a fool. His career is ending and this record cant be altered significantly. So it will remain that he sucked against RSA. I remember him eschewing playing anything against Fannie De Villers in 1996. They do have that hold over him


Bharath Sattanathan said...


There are too many chopping and changing to begin with in the name of experimentation. Secondly the bowling and the batting is not delivering together which is what is required to win games- if batting fails bowling delivers and vise versa.

I also think the guy who was delivering -rahul dravid, is not delivering anymore as consistently as before. Plus its batting which wins one day games, not bowling!

I think its time for Robin & Badri. For me no point in bringing Ganguly or Laxs again, its better to look at the future. Robin will be back up for Shewag and Badri a solid playr in the middle order. Have personally plyd with both these guys all life & I think its time they get a long look in.

Venkat said...

there is no theory that would work (atleast consistently),
cricket in India has been a pattern of heavy losses interspersed with a few wins that raise the expectations of foolhardy fans and make a few millionaires..

I personally feel Ganguly should play the One dayers..

the truth is ( with the exception of Dravid maybe )there are not enough consistent players..

for all of Tendulkar's prowess, I feel he has more often than not flattered to deceive..

Juggernought said...

We really have NO bench strength,it's scary when you think post world cup(I mean screw WC),but yeah,when the Tendulkars and Dravids retire,there really are going to be no one around!!

And,about the bar being low enough for Ganguly to be on the team-well said!!:D:D

Juggernought said...

*there really is

Deepa said...

Not only ,is Ganguly back with a bribe, even his chamchas are in! Lets start site.

Raghuveeran said...

Will India qualify for super8 in 2007 WC...we hav SRILANKA, WI, BERMUDA, nd BANGLADESH...
SRI nd WI wll qualify for sure...
BANGLADESH is in sizzling form...
they got defeated with Aussies in very small margin...
I think ther is no chance for India..
Even BERMUDA may beat us...

Virgin airlines wanted 2 sponsor Ind cricket team...but Greg Chappel said: "We can't hav VIRGIN on our T-Shirts when we are gettin FUCKED in every match..." [:d]

Nilu said...

oru naaL ulagam neethi perum. thamizan Badrinath and Vidyut will hold the the Indian tricolor high

Hawkeye said...


are u talkin about robin uthappa?
I am impressed with badri's performance. i hope he gets a look in.

Hawkeye said...


btw how do u know them?

Hawkeye said...


tendulkar is in a funnny zone. when he scores he does not 'exce' etc he just meets expectations and when he does not he is perceived as sucky.

off late he has been unimpressive

Hawkeye said...


glad to see u switch to blogger. i can see why gangls could be useful in ODI now. i cant see what he can do in tests.

Hawkeye said...


cricket is a fickle game. 1 century by this ganguly means he was never out of form and all the ganguly haters were wrong all along. thats the twisted logic of our world

Hawkeye said...

raghuveeran :-)

we have lost some 90% of our last 25 matches i guess

Hawkeye said...


vengsarakar - chairman of selector + 2 TN players in Indian team will happen only when it snows 10 inches in madras.

Venkat said...


just to clarify, didn't intend to say Tendulkar sucks.., he's done everything a good player does, not enough for the "genius" or " the greatest player tag" IMO..

i think the general expectation from tendulkar is not just heavy scoring, but to score when it matters and where it is necessary..I haven't seen that happen enough, but I reckon thats debatable..