Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanks Giving

Seems to be the pivotal holiday around which my life undergoes dramatic changes.

In anycase, I apologize for being poor in responding to comments, posting regularly etc. All that will change in the future :-). I should respond-to-comments/post regularly from Monday. Right now I am in the buckeye land, visiting my alma mater and showing my family - my version of 'gnabagam varuthe' song (basically walking down the memory lane). I dont think there is much beyond the Mirror lake, Dreese labs, and the Lincoln tower. Which must be as interesting to my family as seeing a fresh new bag of fertilizer.

Today, I put on my Ohio State T Shirt after a long time. I could never wear it safely in Michigan. So for today i'll be in a Go Bucks! mood (ofcourse they won last week by a whisker and it is so convenient for me to switch allegiences). I cant believe I am staying in Lane Avenue again. Ofcourse this time its at the Holiday Inn and not one of those cheap run down places owned by Pellas. But - My god! this place has changed so much. Its actually better looking. When I went to school here, this whole place looked like a sewer dump. I'll switch back to Go Blue in the weekend.

After Columbus, its off to Pittsburg and then to Washinton D.C, and after a brief detour to Darden Business School, I'll begin my drive back to Ann Arbor on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Make sure people in Darden meet "Janam" in DC :)


Anonymous said...

BTW, If Vatsan = Prabhu, its the same set of people you met 4 years back:)

And let Jayu know I am really disappointed with him:)


Juggernought said...

HOLI HOLIDAY!Lucky you!Happy Hols!