Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hey! What ya'

Do men like being called 'ya'? In the context of "what ya'" - "enna ya" - "po ya". Please don't confuse this with 'aiyya' but this is just 'ya'. Some college people call each other this way. Many girls somehow think they can call everybody this way. Once a HR Manager of a big IT services company called me a 'ya'. Most Tamil movies show college boys/girls - office going men/women calling each other 'ya'. Sneha, the actress, is probably the biggest culprit of the 'ya' phenomena. I feel like chopping her off to pieces everytime she (or her horrible dubber) says the 'ya' word.

I think the whole 'ya' concept is disgusting. More than that I think its extremely cheap. Especially the way it comes out. 'ya' and most voices arent built for regular conversation. I am instantly reminded of the madhu-cheenu dramas where cheenu pokes fun of the 'ya' by mock-seductively saying 'aaahhnn.... ada che poo ya' in a sexy voice. Who the hell invented this? In columbus my roommates invented the 'aiyya' concept and we all called each other 'aiyya'. More out of sarcasm than anything else. We mainly wanted to get up everyday and say "illaiyya unakku theriyathu aiyya, life'la naan rape ayitten aiyya" or call someone and say in muthal mariyadai style "aiyya saami enakku oru unmai therinju aaganum".

But where the hell did this 'ya' come from? What is the origin of this word? It is worse than the Hindi 'yaar'. Is this one of the 'rendung-gettan' things that these college boys and girls invent to jollu vittufy, remain close without actually telling each other that they wanna go out etc. Is this is an extension of the sexual confusion that arises during the adolescent age. Most importantly how did men allow this word to thrive? I cant believe men let other women call them 'ya'. I would take it as women's attempt to effeminate the entire world. I would immediately start a retaliation by calling all women 'aiyya'.

The great Goundamani would have kicked all the sangu-oodhara-sangeethas in the butt and said "enna karumanthram pidichu oor da ithu? avan kelvi'ye kekkalai nee ennadi _ya_ podre"

Note1: 'pa' is as disgusting and as effeminate a word as 'ya'. please use 'pa' interchangably with 'ya' in this post.

Note2: Women calling other women 'da' is not even a turn on in the Joey-loves-lesbians sort of way. Its not even in the same country as men calling other men 'di'. Going deep into that subject is too base and vile for even this blog


Anonymous said...

how about 'pa'?


Anonymous said...

Somehow it's irreversibly linked to yaar of Hindi. So, did 'ya' come from 'yaar' after all? We may never know!

anantha said...

Enna ya.... maanatha vangitta!

anantha said...

Enna ya... "Ya" is a extension of "ayya". Similarly Pa is an extension of "appa". Indha gals, matha gals a "da" podarathu illaya? Adhe madhiri dhaan idhum, ya. Idha praaper a aarayame, indha rendu respect vazhiyum terms a ippadi naaara vechittiye pa Hawkeye!

anantha said...

Idhu naale naan enna solla varen na, indha ya, "Ayya" dhaan! Onakky ciper dhaan indha exam la!

Hawkeye said...

anantha... ur argument is rejektaad.

po ya' cannot be a derivative of po aiyya. 'pa' and appa not even in the same country. hey po pa' etc is all girl talk.

Anonymous said...

'yaar' and 'ya' are connected in some way, I'm quite sure.

Hawkeye said...

girls callling other girls 'da'.. aiyoooooo - take the veechu aruvaaal... enna thadukaathenga.. i will go and save our country from such people

Hawkeye said...


ur excellent point about 'pa' is noted. thanks! blog updated.


i agree 'yaar' and 'ya' given the high 'disgust' coeffecient could be well related

Anu said...

Ya, yaar, pa, ki, da, di.... all this should be punishable by law.

Yadayadaa said...

an indian bschool applicant interviewing for admission kept saying 'ki' it seems. so this amrikan dude who interviewed him came and asked me what the hell this 'ki' meant.

death to 'ki'

Anu said...

Actually ippo thaan Bhaasha padam paathen. Ya ya ya exchange between Rajnikanth and Nagma.. sigh!

(Anantha, mannichikkonga. )

Yuvi said...

how about na?

That's freakin irritating as well...

Nilu said...

by the way, 'ayya' was invented in the corridors of PSBB by a certain Nilu-Dimmy combo.

credit columbus kku pona mavana kola vizhum

ada-paavi!!!! said...

ya i thought was a way of saying yes,

idu enna pudhu kozhappam, indha po ya va ya ellam ban pannanom!!!

and girls calling others da, adukku nakku arukkanom! idukku oru porattom nadakanum, idula joke enna na, sila ponnunga solluvanga, da nu sollelam, annal no di, kevalamana logic.

all becoz women wear jeans!! i say ban jeans, inimel women wonly podavai n salwars!! no western clothes

Bharath Sattanathan said...

To adapavi,

"all becoz women wear jeans!! i say ban jeans, inimel women wonly podavai n salwars!! no western clothes"

Enna da logic idhu? There are women wearing Indian clothes with better communication style, & there are women wearing Western outfits who are as bad as a crow! So can't blame the clothes for the same I feel.


"Ya" = "Cheap"?
A better abuse from your dictionary please.

- Bharath

Anonymous said...

We just cant ask ppl to stop saying 'ya'

should give them some alternative

instead of 'go ya' we will ask them to use 'goyya' or 'goyyale' as vadivelu would

WA said...

Why leave out 'ma', adhayum sethukonga listla

thepsychologic said...

Once some girl from a BPO called me and asked if I was interested in joining their company. Knowing very well that saying 'no' would invite too many personal questions I jus said 'ok, i'll give it a thought'. She then asked for my email stating tht she will send me some technical questions that may be asked in the interveiew. I did receive a mail and this is how i was addressed
I am xyz(ACDA) please find the attached file da"
damn her!!

Anonymous said...

koodavae machi, maapla adhayum sethukko - adhu mattum enna kevalamaa dhaan irukku

Hawkeye said...


only rajini fossible.

Hawkeye said...


never heard of college girls calling each other 'na'. it seems like a hindi thing.


open source. GPL applies. even if not according to copyright law - independent creative invention is allow even if prior work has been created before. PSBB - unnoda resume'la athu onnu thaan izhukku. i can't believe u r from that. maybe u also went to 'center for excellence' - srimathi maa'm - xyz sir and balsu tuition. theetu.

Hawkeye said...

ada-paavi & bharath,

i thought vatsan was being sarcastic. weren't you?

Hawkeye said...


i think name should just work fine. thats better than 'ya'

Hawkeye said...


i agree. 'ma' is another horrible thing. all adolescent mind playing tricks

Hawkeye said...


maybe she wanted to entice you to join the company

Hawkeye said...


machi mapplai are all legacy words. used mostly in the same-gender context. this 'pa' etc are cross overs.

Deepa said...

Relax pannu ya, tension aagadha.

tilotamma said...

light teesko ra

Anonymous said...

idhu parava illa..ippo nariya ponnuga matha ponna machi nu koopadra!!!!!


I said...

That and men 'da'ing women makes me wanna throw up.

Hawkeye said...


aaaaaaarrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhh :-)


this is better than 'ya' and 'pa'.


much better than 'pa' 'da' 'ya'


me 'da' ing women is the whole teenage confusion thing i was talking about.

pipa said...

Hey -- I need a list of Goundamani movies worth watching from you.

Completely skipped that phase in Tamil moviedom somehow

B a l a said...

I once asked my sister as to why she calls her fellow she-friends as "daa"...and pathetic is when her he-friends call her "what daa ?"..I questioned her abt this..she said girls generally don't like them calling by "di" them its a sign of male chauvinism and hence she has asked her friends no to use "di"..
Strange !! I never called any of my she-friends as "daa"..
"ya" and "yaar" are related probably in spelling but i really doubt at the context level..since i find tamil girls using this "ya" but they don't know hindi at that logic doesn't hold good most times..

"ya" and "pa" are typical tanglish derivatives..
eg.."enna pa eppadi pannitigalae .?(refering to appa here for respect of age or affinity towards the person) our modern day girls feel out of the world in speaking correct tamil and its their constant desire to show off that they end in that becomes
"what pa..u do like that pa..its bad pa.."

Chandrasekhar said...

Having lived a substantial portion of my formative years in Chennai , where ra,pa and da are linguistical forms of survival , I am inclined to fully agree with Hawkeye.Despite not being a Tamilian myself.Such a wonderful language,great legacy, and such narrow minded speakers in metros.The tamil spoken in Tirunelveli and Erode seemed much more chaste.I could decipher the nuances, the differeces,without having to impress a fellow tamilian with my so called modernistic-lingo outlook.