Thursday, December 14, 2006

I yam back! Baby!

Haven't seen a full ODI/Test match after 2003 World Cup. Its almost 4 years. Haven't seen Suresh Raina, Venugopal Rao, VRV Singh, Munaf Patel, Gautham Gambhir at all. Have seen glimpses of Dhoni. For a guy who sat and saw English county matches because De SIlva was playing in them - this is too much. Now I am back!
Purchased the test series between RSA Vs Ind. It begins tomorrow. Have an Economics final exam tomorrow. I really have no clue what the subject is all about. But I don't care. I am watching the game. woohooo!
10 years before, 3rd year BE, my friend Booman and I were arguing if W.V.Raman should open at the Wanderers or not (we actually wrote the test XI in our notebooks when class was going on and argued). At that time Dravid hadn't made his test debut century yet and a fool called Vikram Rathore was still playing for India. Now we are playing at the Wanderers again.
George is back!


Anonymous said...

He indeed Got his 1st Century in the same Match... :-)

I said...

no thamizhan in team. i want india to oothify.

Anonymous said...

Purchased the series?? Oh my god!! I don't think the match is worth to watch even for free. Wonder why have you spent your money on something that is useless....

Suresh Ramani said...

may be W.V. Raman should open now??? :)

well .. worth every penny wasn't it?

and btw, who was arguing for WV Raman not opening in that test and why?

and btw, where is booman these days??

Anonymous said...

may be W.V. Raman should open now??? :)

man u must be smoking some strong weed... LOL

Hawkeye said...


yup he did. :-)


wait Karthik,badrinath, balaji - ethavthu maatum.


ofcourse i didnt know this when i was purchasing - but its worth it now isnt it :-) besides its just 20$.


ya he will score in single digits which is pretty much what the current openers are doing. Poor WV - his only 2 Indian team outings were to south africa and he sucked. i thought he was a decent opener. if he had been gives 10% of the chances given to jaffer/gambhir/sehwag/etc he might have latched on.

Hawkeye said...


like i said. W.V.Raman on weed and w/o weed will suck. But do Jaffer/Sehwag. Me/You scoring a zero and Sehwag scoring a zero is the same thing.

Venkat said...


Please continue the subscriptions for every subsequent series and whatever you do, don't miss the world cup..

I am firm beleiver in causal effects, your subscription may just be the reason for the win..;-))

Anonymous said...

Me/You scoring a zero and Sehwag scoring a zero is the same thing

exactly the same argument i said to my friend.. may be i will be scared and get hit by ntini or nel... LOL but will still get a zero in 5 balls... :-)

Ram said...

You did pick the perfect time for buying a series and a daring one at that.. if anyone said they'd have given the Indians a chance, I would have said they are kidding!

Can't forget the nightouts at your place in Dallas watching some splendid cricket and of course the great debates over World Cup matches!

Anonymous said...

where in ann arbor are you located?
iam regular reader of your blog...
always wanted to email you and find out..
but now, you purchasing the entire series gives me more motivation to seek you out ;)

opinionated indian said...

"a fool called Vikram Rathore..."

so true... :)