Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Religion - I

Yavasaka looked at the large object before him and said "It is a lie. It is a huge exaggeration." He used mathematics to illustrate his point. He said "It is just a dot. A two dimensional point. They have bloated it up into this 2 dimensional circle." Sunalpada, his disciple, acknowledged his master's observation and said "But master! there are many such dots. There is a huge straight line in the horizontal plane full of such points. Each point has assumed a form of a 2 dimensional circle on the vertical plane and I see a 3 dimensional sphere in front of us. Why did you pick one plane in that sphere and call that an exaggeration of a point".

Yavasaka saw his disciple's point and said "its all just damn dots my man! nothing more. These lying humans have made these simple points into big circles. Lets deflate all em' circles to just a point." And so they set about walking along the line along the plane in the x axis deflating the circle corresponding to each point on the line that had viciously spread along the z and the y axis. They deflated all those circles to just a point. They felt righteous and logical. "We are logical beings. we are built to see through this exaggeration," said Yavasaka to his disciple. After 500 years of work, Yavasaka said to his disciple " I have done it my man! its just a damn circle. no sphere". Sunalpada examined the work they had done so far. They were logical beings. Much more advanced. Sunalpada by virtue of being the most supreme among these logical beings couldn't help but say "But master, I see small little bulges here and there. Some circles haven't been reconciled completely master. They are still small semi circles or ellipsis bulging in one direction or the other. Our work has not resulted in a straight line master". Yavasaka was furious and he began to reconcile those bulges to just a point. He tried hard for several hundred years in vain. One day he gave up and said "Maybe its not just all points and a simple straight line. Maybe there are bulges here and there but I still say my man! most of this circle are just points and they have been exaggerated." Sunalpada was unmoved he said "I foresaw the possibility of bulges here and there. But you haven't reconciled the bulges my master. If you allow a bulge at this point" said he pointing to a specific location in the straiht line, "there has to be a bulge at another point to achieve symmetry". Yavasaka was furious. How could he have overlooked this fact. Sunalpada was indeed logical. And so he began to un-deflate points which he had previously deflated in the hope that his actions would result in symmetry. This only led to more inconsistencies and he had to make circles out of more points to be consistent. Sunalpada died along the way and Yavasaka continued his efforts to reconcile the inconsistencies he saw. And so he made more circles out of mere points. "All were man made circles. They were complete exaggerations. This is how a logical shape would look like" he said as he went about his work. "The sphere, I saw, was an exaggeration. my work will leave it in its true state" he thought to himself. He died the moment he recreated the sphere exactly the way he saw it the first time.

Two other logical beings came along and the master said to the disciple "its a lie. It is a huge exaggeration."


Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Your metaphors are very intriguing, but at the end of the day, it is still a circle! Will be waiting for part 2 of the post

Venkat said...

a very intresting read...

Is this a way of getting back at logically refuting religion or am I jumping the gun..

Will be waiting for more too..

Anonymous said...

Now that you have taken us through a circle, What is your POINT -)

Hawkeye said...


this is actually part 2 of something else. apologize for the error. will change and link part 1


no you are not jumping the gun


ROFL. good one :-)

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