Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Destiny, Philosophy & Rajinikanth

There is one thing people cant fault about Rajinikanth. He has packaged profound philosophical stuff into neat pithy sentences that can be grasped by a layman. I would consider this whole 'telling hard things the simple way' as one of his biggest trademarks and an important reason behind his popularrity. A common man can relate - some of Rajini dialogs - to something in his real life. That brings us to a pertinent example -

"Kedaikarthu kedaikaama irukaathu. Kedaikaama irupathu kedaikka've kedai'kaathu "

(If you are meant to get it, you'll never not get it. If you aren't mean't to get it, you will never get it) - The charm/pithyness of the original language is lost in transalation - but its still 'ok'.

Although the meaning was partly obvious the first time I read it, I can truly see what he means now. Especially since I got to see both halves of the sentence come true for me. There has to be a term called 'Rajinikanth moment' to rival 'Kodak moment'. I am not kidding.


Anonymous said...

Rajni's punch dialogues rock. One such is
"Kanna Ponnai thotuta vidaatha. Dhamai vituta thodatha...."
i thought u culd hv put the one in ur blog in a simpler way like
"If you are meant to get it, you'll get it. If you aren't mean't to get it, you will never get it"

Hawkeye said...

"If you are meant to get it, you'll get it. If you aren't mean't to get it, you will never get it"

this wud be inaccurate as the tamil original deals in double negatives.

ni oru.. said...

Are you serious? This is one of the words dialogues of his (may be there are worse, but let it slide for now).

This is no better than "nalikku malai peyyalam, peyyamalum irukkalam"

What you have is what you were meant to have. What you don't have yet is not what you were meant to. But if you happen to have it later it then becomes what you meant to have.

elavu, when I think about it "nalikku malai penjaalum peyyalum" sounds way more logical.

Hawkeye said...

'ni oru': unakku anubavam potthallai. ambuduthen.

Anonymous said...


ungaluukku intha 'zh' varatha. enna ezhavu da ithu

Casper said...

This is utter crap ! There is no philosophy behind that, it's simply senile, but since it came out of the superstars mouth, you feel it's philosophy ??

Imagine Dhanush / Simbu / the likes saying the same thing ? Would you still consider it philosophy ?

There are many great things attached to superstar, his charm and many things he conveys which makes sense.

But your choice here was just wrong !

ni oru.. said...

@ anon

writing sirappu lagaram in English is not a terribly common practice. some people use it some people don't. there is no rule that needs to be coplied. Tamil eppudi 'Tamizh' illama verum Tamil'o adhe maari dhan elavu ezhavu illama verum elavu.

if people know when to differentiate between seruppu and cheruppu from the same 'sa' in Tamil they'll also know how to read elavu even if it's not written as ezhavu.

@ hawkeye

appudi enna anubavam, keelpaaka anubavam? enakku adhu vendave vendamya. neeyachu un thalaivar aachu.

ni oru.. said...


adheppudi malai illadha zha'va vittuteenga, elava mattum pudichukitteenga? eruma maatukkum karuppu kayithukkum edhachum dhooradhu sondhama?

Hawkeye said...

i am a superstar fan now!

bale! avar makkal and avar lightning speed assumptions.


yes! yes! u r correct. if it doesnt look significant to u it is patent nonsense. how did i miss that.

Anonymous said...


enna periya pudingi'nu neneippa. maiyatha koduthu thaane pesinen. periya mairu maathiri puluthare?

ennamo saathichitta mathiri pesare? mudiginu poda ngoiyya.

Thalaivar Fan said...


bloody ghost! dont bloody talk about my thalaivar like that.

thepsychologic said...

Why give the credit to him? Of course hes got style in delivering the dialog but the dialog itself was probably written by someone else.

MLC said...

hawkeye! totally agree with u when u said u cud relate to that dialogue better when it happens!! i had the "rajini moment" too and when i think of it, thalaivar's dialogue def. makes more sense now! yellaam anubavam dhaan:-)!

anantha said...

Thalaivar Thalaivar dhaan!

RK said...

romba sumaar dialogue. as others say, there are better rajini dialogues , like 'naan idha(brain) kettu mudivu edukkaradhilla, idha(heart) kettu mudiveduppen'.
Hawkeye, what does "kediakkaama irukkaradhu" mean? it contradicts the statement 'nothing is impossible'...konjam pessimistica irukku...