Monday, January 15, 2007

Happy Birthday To All My Readers


May your 'punnaku' be tasty, your tail straight, and horns colorful. May you mate/shit in private and provide Vitamin D milk with minimum water. May you not kill each other in the 'jalli kattu' of life but limit yourself to traffic jams.


parattai said...

Happy Birthday to you !!!
Like Advani, you are also affected with selective amnesia. How can you forget your own birthday ?

I assume your wife is also reading this blog. That means you are suggesting that...

Ganesh said...

Dei hawk,

Email check pannru... peria ivanatam email kudutha.... :-)

Take care

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Hmmbaaaaa!! :)

Great people are born on the same day, it seems! Birthday wishes accepted and reciprocated! ;)

Karthik B.S. said...

hehehe.. funny!

Anush said...

Hey - was it your birthday yesterday? If so, belated wishes! It was mine for sure ;) I just found 3 other people at my work sharing the same b'day as of them has the same star & birth year and the same name and everything....looks like you got a bunch of people like that too...nice to know! I'm sorry if I got it all wrong.

tilotamma said...

oho appadi oru vishiyam errukka?

Hawkeye said...


did you just say the "unna petha ammavum oru pombalai thaane da - nee ellam akka thangachi oda porakkalai" dialog to me


anuparen da. i read the mail. slightly lazy avalavudhaan

Hawkeye said...


:-) .


most of my readers dont understand it.


dei. are you slightly drunk or totally drunk? It was the occasion of 'maatu pongal' - does ur bday really fall on that day? OMG!

Hawkeye said...


appadiyellam illai. anush is drunk.

anush said...

I guess I am drunk then! yeah, I celebrate it with the cows....;)