Friday, January 05, 2007

Idiots - II: Paging Jodi #1 Viewers

My last post on how to identify idiots came a long while ago. Another one is long over due.
Jodi #1 is a stupid show. It involves two kinds of pairs - (a) Some male TV anchors pair up with female TV anchors (b) Some TV anchors bring their family into this horror show by pairing with their real life husband/wife.
The songs are not their original creation, their dance is realy really horrible. So horrible that you cant touch a decent meal for weeks after you have watched a single episode of the show. You have to crawl to the nearest commode and vomit for 2 days to relieve yourself of the 'bad taste in your mouth'. These people are also extremely ugly and fat. Dance shows by nature are horrible. I have no idea what criteria is used to judge these people. The only people who watch this are distilled idiots. There is no art, grace or anything remotely human about this show. If a viewer sees something in it its because (s)he is an idiot. There is not even a molecule of sense left in these people.
So if you are in search of an idiot for a science experiment and cant find a person, who drives a vehicle that makes pig like noises when brakes are applied, all you have to do is find a Jodi #1 fan.


Anonymous said...

Atleast This is better than the Azhoomonchi serials that are being telecast... I havent seen the show but you cant expect ppl in India average house wives and Vetti Guys to see anything other than these.... so called Interesting shows...LOL


ada-paavi!!!! said...

em be yea class la neenga romba vetti-ya irukkengala? indha kodumai n all watching when access isnt easy??

Anonymous said...

I guess it depends on the viewers preferences. Such shows are meant not only for oldies, who while away time watching these shows but also for others who are total vetti. BTW how do you find time to watch these shows when ur actually busy with ur MBA. The truth actually unveils. hehehe :-))))

Anonymous said...

**male TV anchors pair up with female TV anchors **

What about such pairs -- not necessarily on TV -- like the Hindu's "He said, She Said."

Anyone familiar with the said column?

Venkat said...

this is a serius after effect of remaking for the sake of it..

Most of Star Vijay's offering are remakes of international shows, firstly through Star Plus in Hindi and as if that isn't bad enough, now through Star Vijay in Tamil.

Imagine a reality show in Vijay, would be food for Idiots 3

Hawkeye said...


that i agree. it wud be a step back from frying pan to fire

ada paavi,anon2

next 7-8 months sama vetti :-) sama'na bayanga vetti :-)


i have never read he says she says. i know it exists.


is jodi# 1 a copy of a forign series. i cant believe it!

Kamal said...

Dude… All main stream Indian music, cinema and dance have no sense or art in them. But its fun to watch. There is no rule ugly and fat people shouldn’t dance. I think as long as its fun to watch, it’s human. There might not be any art associated with the show. But calling Jodi No.1 fans idiots, is na├»ve and rude..