Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Lightning Strikes Everyday - II

In some state of 'whatever' intoxication, I mistakenly assumed that I was a normal human being with regular capabilities. Sometimes you forget who you are and the curses that you live with. I had a homework due for 'Corporate Financial Reporting' ( I know! its so unbelievably exciting) class and 2 minutes before class began I realized that I had not taken print-outs of my homework and quickly ran to the library. In that rush, I forgot who I was and why I existed.
I wrongly believed that I was capable of taking print outs.

40 minutes later, I realized why I hadn't gone near the printer so much in the last decade. I had long given up any hope of being able to take print outs (I can't book tickets to India also - but thats a story for a different blog post). The IT support staff were poking around my laptop and one kept saying ' its funny maan! there is no reason why the printouts should not appear'. Familiar story - only I knew the answer. I couldn't really tell them that it not a s/w-h/w problem and that it was just me. I paid lip service and asked them to check if the laptop was connected/online. I finally gave up and moved the HW file to a temp drive and gave the drive to the IT guy and told him "can you take it far away from my - zone of presence - and try a print out. I'll be as far away from the printer as I can possibly be". I literally left the library and cameback after 2 minutes. He had the printout waiting for me.


Anupadmaja said...

:) I love your printer stories :) This one is the best :)

Hawkeye said...

en sogaa kathaya ketta thaikulame

App said...

hahahha!! Your printer story is funny. I could relate to it.