Tuesday, January 30, 2007

LSE - IV: Classroom Humor

There are things, which happen rarely to people (or) things that people rarely do. The reason I am, who I am, is because I do those rare things consistently.
I am taking an Accounting course called Corporate Financial Reporting. In case you are not aware of what this means, understand that Accounting is a painful, detail-oriented subject that demands a lot of patience fom its practitioner - much similar to those signal processing courses (which involved case sensitive things like f(x) and F(x) ). There was a homework due in class yesterday and I did my due diligence and asked people how long it had taken them to do this homework. 1 hour was the most popular estimate. So I got up at 8AM for the 10:20 class, finished the homework exactly at 10:10 and rushed to class. On the way to class, I stopped momentarily to take a print out - expecting the worst - but thank god - the printer gods were sleeping, so I managed to sneak out a printout.
There is that feeling that you sometimes get - when you enter the class. It screams that something is wrong. When I opened the door to my class room, I got that feeling. Its nothing specific. Its the whole molecular structure of the class. A combination of million things that combine to tell you that something is wrong. I was late by 10 minutes - so with class door half-open, I noticed the professor was a different guy and I didn't recognize most students. So I closed the door and stepped back out of the class. Confused. Was this the wrong room? How can it be? I distinctly remembered walking in here last week. So I logged in, went to the course registration page and saw the location for this class. Double checked that with where I was. Correct location. "maybe its a guest lecturer today" - my mind began to wonder. "how can this be the wrong class. you have been coming here for 3 weeks" - my mind began to push me. So I took a deep breath and walked into the class. The students gave me a confused look, probably thinking "why is he here again" . I went to the last row and sat down. But that nasty feeling didn't leave me. I was uncomfortable. Slowly my mind cleared and the professors words began to trickle down my ear and into, what was left of, my damaged brain. Have you experienced, what those psychologists call as 'the moment of clarity'? If not, experience it. I highly recommend it. The lecture didn't sound like Accounting. It was boring but definitely not Accounting-boring. Then I saw a guy, who I thought was a first year. I began to realize that I, after all, may be as think as I drunk I am not. So I slowly opened the laptop and checked what I should have checked 3 minutes ago.
Class Timings
Well. It turned out my class began in this room at 12:40PM. And I had been coming for the 12:40 class for 3 weeks. So now I had a choice. Leave immediately and risk being embarrassed. Or sit in this lecture for 2 hours. It was tense. Such decisions aren't made by ordinary men. It requires careful thought, skill and experience gained as a result of - years of avoiding embarrassment. Every second I thought, I felt heads turning in my direction. They must be wondering. Then I decided, I just couldn't sit in this lecture. I'd rather be embarrassed than sit through an unnecessary lecture. So I picked up my laptop and began my walk towards the door. For the first few steps, I heard nothing, I began to relax. The next second I heard something that chilled my bones. Laughter. A couple of people started laughing. I quickened my pace. More people started laughing. In that haze and confusion, this strange thing called 'intelligent thought' suddenly decided to make an appearance inside my head only to alert me to the fact that the professor had stopped the lecture. My only objective was to somehow reach that exit door and leave. My worst nightmares were coming true. I distinctly had a feeling, that the Prof was staring at me now. By the time, my hand touched the door knob, the entire class was laughing. I didn't have anything funny to say. No quip that would absolve me or lighten the situation. I just turned back, gave a big smile and ran out of the class like a man possessed. I had walked into a first-year Operations class.
I rushed into the actual class 10 minutes late. The incident was behind me. I had jabbed myself hard, repeatedly, to wipe the silly smile off my face. I was a serious student now. Only for so long though. The professor put his slide out and said "so lets review today's homework" and that cold feeling crept back up my spine. I had done the wrong set of homework problems.
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Aswin Anand T.H. said...


Buddy, you write amazingly well :D

Anonymous said...


I think such things happen to you, so that you could make a very nice post out of it. May be.

Ha, anyways, this has boosted my confidence - After all I am not that bad :-)


Scout said...

Absolutely identify with this "ur whole system is screaming something is wrong n u try to shrug it off"...


Anonymous said...

Did u ever thut y the professor had a stern look at u?
He dint stare at u because u interrupted the class
but since u unbolted the door from outside and made room to the students sitting inside the class
to escape frm his boring lecture.

Students dint laugh at u but rather at the professor yelling
"Ippo enna seiveenga!!!" "Ippo enna seiveenga!!!"

hehehe !!!


Anonymous said...

Like I said earlier buddy...just quit the MBA and start writting for movies..attend some classes for how to develop characters and tie everything the suspense you build and the characters u create. Think of Dan Brown. You can make more money and you can work in ur "lungi" or "pajamas" whatever u wear...and mint money.

S m i t h a said...

ROTFL! very funny indeed.
The narration, setting and the embarrassment every thing has a Seinfeld touch to it... u must definitely be a fan of the show.

MLC said...

thiruvilayaadal le nagesh, nakkeeran kittey sandai potutu velila pogumbodhu, aranmanai-ye sirikum and he'll literally run from there! neenga classroom lendhu velile pogum kaatchi-ya describe pannadhu reminded me of just that! really funny!

sriki123 said...

deiii... been folllowing your blog for quite a sometime and has not been commenting much these days.

this post is awesome... and i can see you before my eyes as i read through it ....

gr8 going and keep it up !!!!!

Nilu said...

ellam seri, who are these people in your comment space?

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Maybe you should carry a placard across your chest that says, "Yeah that was me" :)

Hilarious post!

Monologist said...

This is sad, that I had a similar experience. It was one of those "come if you want type lectures" in which you basically had to come once a month for the 5 min quiz then leave if you wanted.
I did that, however I had the wrong class room, and it was a first year chem class having ironically their first chem exam.
And I sat in that classroom for abt 30 mins taking the exam.
Before I decided to suck it up and hand the paper and walk out.
You're not that bad, after all.

Venkat said...


you are not alone and more importantly I realise that I am not alone :-)

hilarious stuff..

Hawkeye said...




:-) see i make u feel better.


the things is. there is no real reason to shrug it but you do for some vague reason.

Hawkeye said...


the only people they were laughing at was me.

Hawkeye said...


thanks for your generous praise. really appreciate it.


im a sein fan. but didnt realize it influenced this post


bingo! u nailed it. it felt like that

Hawkeye said...


danks. how r u doin? we shld catch up.


unakku ellam poramai.


that may not be necessary. people will know i guess.


thanks for sharing this. your experience takes the cake

Cmreddy said...

hi Hawkeye, indeed a good post.. I remember the fight you had with Crys (too bad that you removed ur post).. So I thought i give it a second look at whats u upto..

Next time when you get into this kind of soup, which i am sure you would, stop momenterily and say, "if you promise me these laughs, i will take pains to pay a visit again.."