Friday, January 05, 2007

Tendulkar minus the Halo

Dear Mr.Tendulkar,

I hereby resign from the post of your 'greatest fan in the world'. I think you are full of nonsense. This is your last tour to South Africa and you have failed to deliver any impact. I have run out of patience. I have snapped. You have done nothing in test matches in the last four years. A person who sucks for 3-4 years in a row does not deserve a place among the best batsman of this era. You are not the Tendulkar of the 90s. You are some pussilanimous, ambitionless, gutless imposter in Tendulkar's clothes. When India was a 1-man team in the 90s, I thought that given a good team, you would take India to greatness. A good team is here but you have sucked beyond belief. I don't hate you. Unlike many people who don't understand cricket, I don't think you are a selfish guy. You just dont have the ability (or have forgotten it and need to be dropped from the team to remember it). However, I don't think you are anywhere close to being called 'great'. Your wretchedness in the second innings is irrelevant, but your dismissal in the first innings of each of the three tests was the last straw. You could have closed the game in each of those innings. But you sucked.
I quote George Costanza (partly) "Some of your strokes have caused me and the people of this country a great degree of heart burn." You have taken a talented, aggressive, wonderful young cricketer inside you and made him into this mediocre, scared, domesticated cow.



Anonymous said...

Not only Tendulkar but also another idiot who ought to be fired immediately from the team is Sehwag. This idiot has been failing miserably and his recent scores looks like a telephone no.
Even when Vengsarkar recommended Gambhir in place of Sehwag, Dravid and Chappell went on to stick with this useless guy. It is pathetic to note that the Indians are not in a fighting mood to clinch the series. They are rather submitting passively.

I said...


I've always thought he's ain't all that good as projected to be.

Anonymous said...

dude, here r my 2 cents:

Form is temporary.... Class is permanent!!

Anonymous said...


1. Did he ever ask you to call him great?
2. Did he ever say that he is full of sense?
3. Did he say that he is a Steve waugh/Brian Lara who can win match(es) batting with the tail?
When he played well you called him the greatest. All that he did was score runs and win matches. So what is the difference between you and emotional TOI reporters?

He is just not playing well now(specfic to test matches). I dont know what has gotten into his brain.


Suresh Ramani said...

I think he has got the talent to be the greatest, but not the method. What he lacks is the right method.

Even in this series, at times, he has looked like a genius while at the crease, but the result says it all. Looking good is not even close to really being good.

On a side note: Sehwag's failure shouldn't be talked about in the same breath as Tendulkar's failure. Its an insult to Tendulkar.

On an another side note: Its very refreshing to see the way Karthik is shaping up .. although it is too early to comment on it.

Saravanan said...

neenga sollradhum correct thaan. konja kaalamave sachin sariya velayadrathu illa.

sari enna ellam maanga style la post panna aarambchitinga

Anonymous said...

may be its time that he takes break and comes back...

basically he does not prove anything to anybody..jus play his game as Lara is doing now....

he will be the bet in his era


Anonymous said...


I didn't expect this from you.


Nilu said...

The Newlands pitch cannot be used to judge him.

He has always been tied down by half decent left arm spinner bowling over the wicket. Remember Min Patel?

He has a heavy bat. Modern captains plug the paddle sweep. He does not play the regular sweep off the rough. Or for that matter, he rarely plays it even on predictable tracks.

Finally, he cannot play the half flick/half on drive -- his bat is too heavy.

So, he had to pad Harris. Don't forget, he was given a bad decision.

This tour, he has been the average player in terms of scores. But I don't watch Sachin for his score. But for his shots.

Anand said...

What's pussilanimous? Sounds like a dirty word to me!

Hawkeye said...


i'll my 2 more cents and complete your proverb

Form is temporary.... Class is permanent!! while the test match of today is being won by somebody else.

Hawkeye said...


by joining school u implicitly agree to pass all the subjects. the student need not go and explicitly tell all people that.

i see where u r coming from. media has blown him up beyond proprotions that it is hard to distinguish what he is realistically capable of.

to me he has failed. his career is over and this was his last chance to win in south africa. he failed.

Hawkeye said...


karthik will certainly be dropped in the next test match :-) 100% guarantee it.

Hawkeye said...


maanga ennoda styl'la post panraaan :-)

Hawkeye said...


its too tiring - waiting to see if he would, for once, not have reasons excuses, bad decisions and just score. he had three opportunities. left each of them in a half-baked state. he was set and playing well in all 3 first innings. a century from him the 2nd and 3rd would have just finished the match in india's favor.

some years b4 i never cared about india winning and used to watch the game for his batting. now we at least have a half decent team, i expect it to win and his batting has become poor.

Hawkeye said...

srivatsan & vatsan,

right now he can leave the gme without a halo. he doesnt need to prove anythng - things are getting proved automatically.

Hawkeye said...


it means 'kozhai'. ore GRE wordlist thaan

Ram said...


I'm sorry for this post. I know how much it would hurt knowing the kind of Tendulkar fan you were.

But I really think we gotta look at other sources for our failure. For instance, Chappell. I am gonna start a "Ragu" style campaign for his neck throughout blogosphere.

I am trying hard not to get influenced to make a Shiv Sena type comment to say that he is batting for Australia for World Cup 2007.

Deepa said...

How could you!? ;-) I guess I am the only remaining fan in this world but I'll wait till this test gets over.

Anonymous said...

dei B

is this the same guy who grabbed a person's shirt and almost went on to hit that person because that person said bad things about tendulkar. is this the same B who argued for 7 hours from 11 in night to 6 in morning to defend tendulkar against 7 people. you were one person arguing against 7 quoting his staistics from obscure games.

et tu brutus.

nithin said...

deepa...don't worry there are still many of us left:).

Bharath, you are overreacating!!
As you yourself said...sachin had three good starts in the series...
Of these three starts he threw one away and another was a dubious decision at best.

Here's his stats for the last 4 years(Number of matchs : average).

2003 - 5 matches - 17.00
2004 - 10 matches - 91.5
2005 - 6 matches - 44.1
2006 - 8 matches - 24.27

So...apart from the major slump in 2003 and the current slump - he hasn't done that badly. Its really unfair(and stupid) to say that 4 years ago he was one of the greatest of the era - and because he hasn't performed for 8 matches, he doesn't deserve the tag anymore!

Form is temporary , class is premanant is kinda hackneyed. But think about this - IF warne had played for two more years, and not done well - would you then say that he isn't the greatets spinner of this era!!

Sachin has been and will always be ' a very good test player' and 'a great one day player'. Do not expect inhuman things from him in test matches. It hasn;t happened too often even in the 90s.

Plus as nilu says, for some inexplicable reason he has always struggled againt mediocre left arm spinners - right from giles to ray price to the guy yesterday(foget his name). It was frustrating to watch sachin and dravid yesterday...but i still have hope - maybe one day soon sachin wont care about his averages and the team - and just go play.

Hawkeye said...

/* So...apart from the major slump in 2003 and the current slump - he hasn't done that badly. Its really unfair(and stupid) to say that 4 years ago he was one of the greatest of the era - and because he hasn't performed for 8 matches, he doesn't deserve the tag anymore! */

just a clarification - i still think he has got a awesome and pleasing technique and some of his shots are of high quality which not many people of any era can play. this is purely about scoring, perception of impact and taking team results to the next level.

it wud be very odd to appreciate (that is to call someone as great) a player who has been playing badly for the last 4 years (the era would have changed). You are making a case for inclusion of kapil dev now. Just because 4 years ago he was great does not mean he will be forever great. It will be very odd if you don't change your opinion based on new evidence and instead stick to a stone age opinion. An opinion is consistent if its reevaluated over a reasonable period of time or if a huge event happens. you cant call a unchanging opinion consistent. outdated is an appropriate word.

I see your statistics and I know it by-heart. Those are 3 bad years 03/04/06 (the 2004, which has a 90+ average does not mean he was super in that year. It had a 194 not out, a slowly painfully compiled 241 in Sydney, a decent 50 in mumbai. He had single digit scores otherwise. basically failed in 15 of the 20 innings)

In a 16 year career (if you include 2 other odd years) he has failed 35-40% of the time in his career. That is bad.

I was a big fan and u know this. It is irrational to judge and call him bad when his career is just half way through. It is wise to wait until the full painting is over before I judge the artist. The full painting is nearly over.

regarding your shane warne example - i neednt point any further than damien martyn. he is probably australia's best batsman. his last few matches reduced his stature. and to answer your question - if u fill a plate with the best culinary dishes for the first 15 years and then for the next 3 years u drop shit on the plate it would hard for me to call the contents of the plate food, let alone term it tasty.

Warne's case is different. he was part of a winning team for 60% of his career. Tendulkar had a bad team for the first 10 years of his career. he was 'destined' for greatness if his team improved. his team has improved and he hasnt turned up for the party.

B a l a said...

The kind of hype he carried and the deliverables to the team are not proportional..Truly said...he is not great to be compared..Sachin till 2002-2003 was comparable to the greats...Post that he sucks...Many of us and friends will criticise us for this comment which is a hard fact as we indians are very emotional bonded and never really wish to accept fact whole-heartedly...Good post
Yes..I too felt that selectors dn't have the guts to drop him when he is not in form and not 100% fit..yardstick has to be same for all..Poor Ganguly in this regard.

Sachin Tendulkar said...

"I hereby resign from the post of your 'greatest fan in the world'"

Oh ok!

Nitin said...

This "former" great needs to be dropped. If you drop him he will get the message. Right now it seems he is untouchable and that sense of security is a luxury the indian team cannot afford. He "was" great .. he is not any more .. how much longer will he rest on past laurels .. he has become a joke .. drop his sorry ass!

Anonymous said...

would you consider reviewing your comment on sachin tendulkar..after watching teh STIL greatest batsman play in australia?? he got a good young team and he was instrumental in winning CB series and played a major hand in tests too..i find it funny when people comment on his greatness and give him suggestions how to bat..for heavens sake he is the greatest of all and the only thing i hope is he retires when he is at his peak.. and yeah.. i am a sachin fan..will remain one.