Sunday, January 07, 2007

That Four Letter Word

Sudhish Kamath has released his movie That four letter word. It has been a huge effort from him to put together a cast, secure funding and exposure for this movie. It is fruition of 7 hard long years of perseverence. Many people dream of making a movie, only a few people achieve it. I have personally romanticized about making a movie until the point where my mom or my friends asked me to shut up and go to study. To make that jump requires a leap of faith in the system and in yourself. At the risk of embarassing myself and making myself laughing stock - it is something I will forever regret not doing.

In anycase, as I have mentioned ad nauseum, I am sure Da Jilako, ozdude and myself are happy that our classmate went on to do it. Regardless of the eventual outcome or the 'result' - I personally think the experience of making a movie is a huge learning experience in itself. Here are some promos for the movies. I thought the title credits were innovative and I look forward to seeing the movie. Sudhish's website and the movies website constantly advertise the (free) screenings of the movie. Do see it when you get a chance.

Promo 1

Promo 2

Promo 3

Promo 4


Babs said...

Looks very good machi....hope the movie gets its recognition it deserves...

anush said...

" is something I will forever regret not doing"

- that's a highly loaded statement you actually believe the doors are closed now? you don't seem the type that listens to parents and friends :)

Hawkeye said...


im hoping to catch it somewhere.


there is a point where doors are closed. that point is defined as a situation where only a miracle can get me there.

my mom dad & wife would give you sweets just for that last statement. :-)

Suderman said...

thanks for the mention machaan. we should be releasing it on the internet by march end.