Sunday, January 21, 2007

World Cup in WI - II

I am telling you, its all because of me. Its all because, I wanted to go there and watch a world cup match.

Applicants who require visas must either reach their nearest office or mail their passports along with $100 and join a long waiting list.

"This is the worst public-relations nightmare that the Caribbean has ever created for itself," said Josef Forstmayr, managing director of Round Hill Hotel and Villas in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

George Goodwin, chief executive officer of the local organizing committee in Antigua and Barbudam, added: "Ticket sales are not going as robust as people had originally hoped."


Anonymous said...

Do you know how long it takes to get the passport back, once you send it for visa stamping?

Juggernought said...

I is wanding to go.Looks like it isn't going to happen.:((

Venkat said...

double gulp..!!

Hawkeye said...


no idea. i am now reluctant to even try.


:-) u should. its not like u have a lot of responsibility.



Anonymous said...

:reg the state of cricket in WI (from a previous post)..

"Of course, you cannot invest if you have no capital, and we are told that the board is flat broke, having sold off most of the rights to everything it could, and praying for a windfall from upcoming World Cup."


Anonymous said...

I dont think you need visa to go to Jamaica...its part of the common wealth of nations and India, being a common wealth country, Indian citizens dont need a visa.

I travelled to Montego bay in 2004 with just a US H1B visa.