Saturday, February 24, 2007

Blog Ula - I

Guess what! I am in Hawaii. 1 week in Hawaii. Nothing much to do but sleep, walk around beaches, snorkel, lie down walk around the beach, eat. Very busy schedule indeed. There is a rumor of 'Goyyakka' (guava) here. The 'peru' (hindi word not the country), I talked about earlier. I am going to have to inspect this personally. Meanwhile here is what is happening in some other parts of the blog world, while I am working hard in Hawaii.

Murungakkai (Drumstick) is my favorite vegetable. It has vitamins A,B,C, & D. All my friends. relatives and 'pakkathu veetu' naikutti (neighbor's dog) knows that this is my favorite vegetable. If you are inviting me for food please put this awesome vegetable in sambar. But I digress, This murungakkai here makes me think what Bhagyaraj said about it in 'Mundhane Mudichu' is true. he talks about philosophical differences between love marriage and arranged marriage, while he has 'vennai' in hand. But he is a nice guy. Among his profound political beliefs are (a) compulsory Hindi education for every Indian, (b) 'antakshari' be declared our national sport. As you can see, he wants to join Shiv Sena, start anti-tamil movement and pull people's lungis in Bombay.

There is only one educated person in the entire blogosphere. That 'edkated parti' is Sowmya. Please don't ask if above mentioned 'I' is 'echakalai party'. No he is not. He is a good guy. This girl talks about pregnancy, more pregnancy, and personal care Vs Household cleaners. Very informative.

Then there is this Anti, who thinks that all the girls in KHS (I know! I know!), Thanjavur, were behind in him. He does not like Pachai Kili. Why? Why so many negative reviews? Mandai Vedikithu. I just think Anti just does not like Gautham Menon. Moving on. Chennaikaran, one of the better humor writers in avar blogosphere, and one who writes excellent prose, gets serious. Why? Where are those RKN, PGW-like blogs? bring em' on. What will happen if there is a conflict between secondary cache and primary cache, leading to an overflow in the Translation Lookaside buffer, indigestion in the buffer cache, and a disorder in the snooping protocol? It leads to the birth of a person inside-the-ram, who will start seeing math in Dhoom-2. Romba Henesse & Patterson padicha ellame appadithaan theriyum.

Then this anu says all the right things. Kyon ithna kovam? Did you read maanga's marathon article in Indian Express about the union budget? Read it. You will become calm (because it takes forever to read it - you'll forget why you were angry in the first place). btw - a really well written article that, ya? While on the topic, I am planning to do a penance in the Hills of Hawaii to protest against certain unscrupulous elements of society calling - India's only superhero (whose life's story was released as a movie played by Hrithik), the idol of ISKrON, the god, the bhagavan - as the joke/laughing stock of the Indian blogosphere. I hate people telling the truth in such a subtle fashion.

The teenagers these days are "very busy pa". Talented makkal have no time to blog. However, the younger generation does a lot of ensoy maadi nowadays. I am especially jealous of him. Anubavi Raja Anubhavi.

This week only some of the usual suspects were covered. Next week. Blog Ula, will cover a wider range of blog offenders from all ovar the waarld.


Hawkeye said...

pre-emptive comment:

i know KHS is a boys school. so pliss to gimme a break

anantha said...

Thalaiva! Why? Why? Why? Naan enna panninen? Idhu andha daag prabhu voda velaiya? Ore oru naal, kaathala 6:30 kku ezhuppi vittuten nu, indha madhiri en maanatha vaanga plan pannareengala annanum thambiyum? And murungakka payaal a romba ethi vidareenga. Avalo dhaan naan solluven.

Raj said...

Hawkeye, thanks for the plug.

You know how Tamil movie comedians like Nagesh, Thangai Srinivasam et al tried to act in a serious role once in a while, to show off their histrionic skills ? Same here. I thought I should occasionally get serious, to show off my breadth of knowledge. But, judging from your response, it looks like I must go back to my clownish ways!

Harish said...

what did i do? what did i do?!?

I said...

anantha, en ivalo poramai.. idhu thaana sendha kootam..

hawkeye, Shiv Sena oda weightu dravida kazhagam.

WA said...

Hawkeye, seriously did you read those mokkai 'Kevalam' posts of Harish before you linked him?

Sowmya said...

Sub zero temperatures lerndhu, 70F pona brain thaw aaga konja naaL aagumaam. Athaan ipdi ellam post podara.

'edkated parti' telling! :-)

MLC said...

anantha, i know the answer to yr q ... b'coz u did'nt like Gautam's PKMC!
and hawkeye, saw the movie y'day and it is not a bad movie to watch! yaen sila paer ivvalo critical-a paathu judge panraanga nu yenaku puriyalai! yes gautam's KK was very good but c'mon! this is a totally different subject and he has taken it well ('derailed' oda copy dhaan, but even that needs to be done well, rite?).

yes, some parts of the movie are predictable but theriyaama dhaan kekaaen, howmany movies have "unpredictable" stuff?? hawkeye, if u ask me, don't miss the dvd. it will not make it to yr "best movies" list but definite-a neenga complain pannamaateenga nu thonudhu!

Anupadmaja said...

Bharath you too puking?

Anu said...

Hawkeye.. no kovam. Summa writing wonly. And yeah, read the article, and was speechless. I think, that's his best Indian Express column till date.

anantha said...

Theera visarithadhil, ungal valaipadhivil oru pizhai kandupidikka pattuladhu. Adhu KHS alla! Kamala Subramanian Higher Secondary School ukku KSHS endra surukkam, KHS alla!

Idhu eppadi irruku?

anantha said...

Anu(padmaja): What do you mean puking? No one can puke, except the pukemeister!

hawkeye: Ungalukku avana paatha bayam. That's why he demanded, and you inserted!

Anonymous said...

Dei Anti,

KHS is Kalyana Sundaram higher secondary school .. that is a different one. Andha paazha pona oorula 1 asingam podhaadhu'nu 2 vera.


anantha said...

Prabhu: Pinna KSHS la ponnunga irundhangala? And Thanjavur a pathi thappa pesadha da!

Ram said...

I am with Anti on this one. PKMC was a big disappointment for me too. The music was good, but all else was mediocre.

tharsica said...

"All my friends. relatives and 'pakkathu veetu' naikutti (neighbor's dog) knows that this is my favorite vegetable."


Deepa said...

enna sudden ula?

Hawkeye said...


ellam summa thaan!


:-) both ur serious and comedy posts are good.


athaan orkut'e solluthe nee enna pannen'u?


do u know there is community for harish in orkut.


dravida kazhagam rejectu


ya thaw aagi mudikarthukullai kilambiyachu!


u are right. i lied the movie

Hawkeye said...


no puking. onli the joking.


ya! i know kindalukku thaan sonnen.


kamala subramaniam is new school. KHS old school. romba naal tanjore famous.

Hawkeye said...


kamala subramaniam co-ed school.

kettu insert pannalaina bandha party. insert panna bayam. intha thanjavur padicha pasanga kusumbu thaangalai.


maybe PKMC did not enough advanced calculus. athukaaga athe kevalama pesaathe.




nagar ula is there. i did blog ula.

WA said...

Yeah Yeah Harish and I started one for Praveen as we had nothing better to do that day and then this person copied us. Out of all the respect I have for Harish I refused to join the community :)

Uma said...

and that still doesn't make his kevalam post any better

Ram said...

hey hawk.. thanks for the mention!

Juggernought said...

Am honoured!!!:D

Sorry.will blog soon.:D