Monday, February 26, 2007

Hawaiian Experience - I: Ornithologists are Sex Starved?

Kabali Times News Flash:

(click picture to see a larger image)

An undercover Kabali Times reporter uncovers stunning new evidence about the psyche of ornithologists eclipsing James Cameron's documentary and Anna-Nicole Smith, who is in more ways than one (hint: two) connected to this news flash, story.


MLC said...


just read yr post on "goyyakaai" (linkd to yr prev. post)and am still laughing, imagining that guy running w/ his bike!! hilarious!

ssk said...

aloha dude ...

i guess by now u will be used to Aloha & mahalo ;-) so which island are u in now. I did a quick 3 day trip in Oahu & Big island during the presidents day weekend.

Some parts of Hawaii reminded me of kerala a lot :-)
Well it certainly is the place to relax and walk around in shorts and hawaii slippers. Enjoy ur time there .

Aegle said...


This is unrelated to this post, but I couldn't find a suitable alternative. I'm an admit to the class of 2009 at Ross and was wondering if I could email you to get some information.