Sunday, February 04, 2007

Pachai Kili Muthu Charam: Moojic: A-one

I am Maha-Impressed with the music.

And I am very excited about the I-make-coolest-slickestest-movies Gautham. Come to think of it - I simply love this incredible suggestion-of-violence/violence in his last two movies. He uses profanity so very well. Just sample the violin-fusion bit in this trailer (Reminds me of an Ilayaraja-Balu Mahendra movie).

So its the Gautham-Harris time of the year again. Within 6 months of Vettaiyadu - Gautham is coming out with "Pachai Kili Muthu Charam" (originally callled 'Silandhi'). This story is based on a novel called 'Derailed' by James Siegel. Hollywood made a bad movie out of 'Derailed' (Beware: the link has mega spoilers and will ruin the Tamil movie for you) a while ago. In an interview Gautham mentioned something about crediting James Siegel for the story, but also mentioned (bluntly) that it might not be cost effective to do so. From the trailers, it appears that Jo plays Lucinda's role, Milind Soman (to satisfy Gautham's penchant for long-haired heroes) plays LaRoche and this new face-girl plays Sarath Kumar's wife. Arvind Krishna moves from Selvaraghavan camp to become Gautham's 3rd cinematographer (R.D. Rajasekhar, Ravivarman worked with him previously) in as many movies. But Gautham's traditional favorites Harris Jeyaraj and Anthony stay.

If I watch this movie (I am hoping it releases in Detroit) - I will be watching a Sarath Kumar movie after not Pulan-Visaranai (released in 1990?) but Dasarathan (1992/93 - Manirathnam (Screenplay) had already dragged me into a Sarath Kumar movie after all). Sarath Kumar missed the chance of his lifetime by refusing to act in a movie directed by this unknown assistant of Pavithran (Pavithran - Director of 'Suriyan'). The unknown assitant was called Shankar and he went on to make this small movie called 'Gentleman' with Arjun :-). Sarathkumar has reached his 100th movie without doing even a single decent movie (folks who thought 'Suriyan', 'suriyan-chandran', and Aiyya were good - stay out of this blog) Gautham might force a lot of people to walk in to a Sarath Kumar movie, much similar to the way Manirathnam forced us to walk into a Prashanth movie. I hope the results don't turn out the same way. While, this kind of a movie may appear new to Tamil audiences - I have a feeling a movie with similar theme (extra-marital-affair/thriller) has been made 20 years ago with Prabhu, Revathi, Amala & V.K.Ramasami in the lead. I just cant remember that movie. Amala did this instantly after Agni Nakshathiram.

The music is good. Harris Jeyaraj really works up some magic. The 'Unakkul Naane' by Bombay Jeyashri is simply awesome carnatic-western fusion. The (slightly) remixed version of that, sung by Madhushree, is even better. It just brings in that feel-good nostralgia emotion. Karu Karu sung by this awesome awesome Karthick is my second favorite song. Simple excellent choice of instruments. This is a fast raccy song, which I think I will keep hearing 20 times a day. Un Siripinil is those Ballad'ish slow song. I usually don't like slow songs, but this has enough pace to impress. It is so similar to the 'Malargale' song (sung by Bombay Jeyashri) in the movie 'Pudukottaiyilirinthu Saravanan'. But it is good. I hate to put an excellent song like 'Kaadhal Konjam' (sung by Naresh Iyer) as 5th in the list but thats how good this album is. This is a semi-fast song. Very peppy.

Folks you gotta buy this album.

P.S Will respond to comments in the previous blog posts in a bit


Arvind said...

Er, don't you mean "buy" this album? :)
I wish you'd posted this while I was in Madras, now that I am back I'll have to settle for downloading it. Any links?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I thought the songs sounded very similar to VV.

Let me listen to them again.

Arvind said...

Thanks, anon.

Anonymous said...

Similarly, this is going to be the first sarath kumar movie that I am going to walk into theatres for... Nothing of his has ever prompted me to do so before…

Gautham is my next fav dir after Mani, and I’ve been waiting for this release ever since it was announced… Hopefully it turns out well… Trailer looks amazing tho…

“movie with similar theme (extra-marital-affair/thriller) has been made 20 years ago with Prabhu, Revathi, Amala & V.K.Ramasami in the lead.”

Uthama Purushan had this same cast.. it was about an extra marital affair too. Prabhu and Amala having the affair and then this murder thing that Prabhu gets caught up in.. Don’t remember it as a thriller though.. more of a comedy.. But not sure whthr it’s the same movie u r referring to.


Anonymous said...

You're talking about Uthama Purushan.

Deepa said...

Naattamai-hater ozhiga.:-)

MLC said...

yep! i want to watch it on bigscreen too! and the movie seems to have a "thing" to it! good songs! karthick's voice rocks! naanum avan visiri dhaan!

Ranjit Nair said...

Hmm...'Derailed' in Tamil, with Gautham...does sound interesting...esp since the book has a LOT of scenes difficult to translate onto screen (and that too with Sharat Kumar). Mus say tht the role'd be a real departure for Jo, though.

Btw, didn't you find 'Unakkul Naane' awfully similar to 'Paartha Muthal Naale' from VV?

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to barge in by asking you an unrelated question.

Can you please tell me which channel broadcasts the world cup in the US? I am having a hard time finding it out.

Thanks a lot.

anantha said...

anon: Dish Network, which a satelite channel. It will be on pay per view and mostly cost around $200+ for the whole tournament.

Hawkeye said...


danks. changed it.


did u feel she was that bad. i found her acceptable.


its much different to VV. infact slightly better than VV

Hawkeye said...

J & zero,

bingo. its uthama purushan. i somehow liked that movie.

J- actually i saw 'dasarathan' after pulan visaranai (edited my blog post)

Hawkeye said...


completely forgot nattamai. except for some power dialogs i dont remember anything about the movie.

Hawkeye said...


'yes' its got that polish. a sense that something is different


it is a kick to watch jo do a "unfaithful" role

Hawkeye said...


willow TV/streambox in internet is the way to go.


pls send me email about some good internet subscription sites.

VC said...

deepa - thanks. i didn't want to be the first one to gush over Naattammai.

hawkeye - for WC '07 internet subscription - have u checked out

Anonymous said...

'derailed' wasn't as bad as you make it out to be .. but of course, I did not read the novel .. so, I have to cut you some slack there ..

but, 'derailed' in tamil? .. I am sorry to say, I can't really see how it can be good. if it does turn out to be good, it can't run well .. and if it runs well, it can't be good .. haven't seen any of gautham's movies .. may be that's why i am doubting it? ..


I said...

Sooriyavamsam-hater ozhiga.

Vyapak said...

So many people think alike and I am also among those who liked it. Real good music.

Nilu said...

folks who thought 'Suriyan', 'suriyan-chandran', and Aiyya were good - stay out of this blog

athavathu, enna vella pongara

Anonymous said...


Hawkeye said...


i thnk ill opt for


" if it does turn out to be good, it can't run well .. and if it runs well, it can't be good"

in gautham's case this needn't be true.

I & Nilu,

i am dissapointed in you both. kneel down in front of this class (blog) for one hour with ur hands up.





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Escape.... Great Escape said...

Unakkul Naane is the same as "Uyirin Uyire frmo KK... just the tempo is slower. The same digchik beat of Partha Mduhal naale.

Harris Jayraj does not qualify to be a music director. I do not know why such songs become hits.

Bhairavi said... 'uthama purushan'..prabu doesn't actually have an affair with amla..he fantazies in havin one..that's all..

bart said...

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