Tuesday, March 13, 2007

College Friends

Friends from undergraduate college are special. They are almost like family. It is unbelievable that four years in engineering can create so much closeness. It is a pleasure to watch the way your friends grow, the way they change, and the people they marry. Its a 'good feeling' in itself. I just found out that my class mate is marrying my wife's class mate. Some friends (and their family) had visited, we were watching our fourth year tour video and were discussing how well we knew most people in our class. No amount of grad school friends, room-mates, colleagues come close.

Four best years of my life.


MLC said...

yep! UG yrs r something else! it was only 3 yrs for me but SOMUCH fun! i envy u engg UG's coz of that xtra yr! hv heard so many fun hostel adventures from my "aal" abt his IIT yrs that made me "j" & i wished i went to college with him instead!!

Ram said...

agree 100%.. it is weird that even with more years in school, that friendship does not last as long..

jessica said...

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Anonymous said...

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