Friday, March 30, 2007

Comparing Ambros(ia) to Aatu Puzhukkai

Note: Aatu Puzhukkai = Goat Poop
I wasn't going to write anything about cricket. Especially about this Anil Kumble retirement. Gosh! I hated him so much. His selection for better part of 17 years can be attributed to the complete lack of alternate spin talent. Imagine Kumble's biggest competitors were Venkatapathy Raju, Rajesh Chauhan, Sairaj Bahatule, Aashish Kapoor, and later Harbajan Singh. Ajit Wadekar, might have had to personally go and dig up our pitches so that Kumble can take his 5-fors. Calling him 'accurate' made my blood boil. He consistently bowled one or two balls down the leg-side every over, could never ever ever bowl decently to left handers. His economy rate is the worst for someone who is being hailed as accurate.

Anyway enough of my Kumble rant. I guess beauty lies in the beholder's eyes. But whats with this Anand Vasu's retirement-eulogy in cric info? I understand Kumble is retiring and journalists are obligated to say some crap like 'fighter' 'gentle giant' ' die hard' etc. But comparing Kumble to Ambrose??!!!! There has to be a law against exaggerating the abilities of retiring mediocre cricket players. Sujith Somasunder got an article written about him on his retirement. Would you believe that? Somebody has to say "Kumble was an average bowler, who got in because there was nobody else. Among that category of players Kumble was the best" Instead we get crap like this

Michael Atherton wrote that there were times when he sensed that Curtly Ambrose, his nemesis, was going to bowl a yorker, and shaped to play accordingly, only to find that his off stump flattened anyway. With Kumble at his best, it was much the same. Like some natural disasters, you could forecast and predict all you liked but, when the strike came, there was nothing to do but run for cover.


Anonymous said...

Dude, he was the highest wicket taker in 96 WC. there were people like Warne and Murali. He took 24 wickets in the tour to australia in 2004. in three tests. (he didn't play the brisbane test). He may not be as good a bowler as those articles suggest, but he certainly isn't as bad a bowler as you make him out to be. :|

Venkat said...

one thing's for sure, he had a horrible body language..didn't find him genuine..

but a guy who's got 10 wickets in an innings, cannot be average, he had some ability, but a comparison with Ambrose does sound preposterous

Anonymous said...

you seem to suggest Kumble got wickets because of mine field like pitches in India. Then why the hell was Warne a failure here? How about Murali? He wasn't good here too! Only non-Indian spinner to have bowled well here is Saqlain Mushtaq, who took 20 wickets in 4 innings. If you don't know cricket, shut up.

Underwear Model said...

the last anonymous,

if kumble looks good in blue undies and warne, murali don't - does that mean Kumble should be a calvin kli.. model

Karthik said...
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Deepa said...

Kumble isn't talented, agreed; but to take wickets without talent (read spin) you need to work hard. Lets give it to him for that at least.

Hawkeye said...


thats a sort of a low bar. 'trying' is something a lot of people can be appreciated for. when you are talking in terms of ambrose its 'solli solli adippen' level.


upire jaya[rakash ki jai ho! I have lost trust in every ind-pak match we played under azhar.


regarding 96 WC: it has not be noted that since both westindies and australia refused to travel to SL and play their games, at the end of semi-final stage, SL had played 2 games less than India and aus had played 1 less game. In the smi-finals warne came to bowl when WI had almost won the game and he took aus into the finals single-handedly. compare that to when Kumble came to bowl against SL in semi-finals after they were 0/2 .

fyi, the three also played in the 99 WC.

Mayukh said...

The most apt rant ever....very well said!!! I have posted similar views on Agarkar on my blog.