Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Hawaiian Experience III: The Art of Laziness

A typical way to spend a day in Hawaii

Step1: 9:00 AM Wake up

Step 2: 10:30 AM Lie in bed and ponder on the need/necessity to get up.

Step 3: 11:00AM Sip Frappuchino, Watch TV, Browse Web

Step 4: Receive Alu Paratha from wife. Eat it in Bed. Keep the plate under the bed. Go back to sleep.

Step 5: 11:45 Ensoy te view from the room.

12:15PM Step 6: Inspect the beach from a Goikka point of view

Step 6: 'Nattify' the Umbrella.

Step 7: Set up chair, junk food, novel etc near you. Spend time either reading the novel or staring at the emptyness. Its a Corona moment. Silence.

Step 8: Sleep

Step 9: Head for the water.

Step 10: Repeat Steps 6,7,8, 9 until Sunset.

Step 10: Ensoy Maadi the Sunset.


Babs said...

Ahaaa machi u r having wat I really want..did u guys get any massages..heard they r pretty damn good ;-)

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Wow! You should rename the post to 'an ideal day' :D

Hawkeye said...


ofcourse we did. thats my next post :-)


not a bad idea :-)

Anonymous said...

in the photos i like that guava that is goyyaka still only. kaiyum manasum palaya niniaivugalil (dat goyaka story), kangalo puthu ulagthil noakiii.... njoy dude.... njoy...

Nilu said...


Anand said...

For you, one four letter word only! This morning like every other morning, I made this shitty walk along arcot road dodging motorcycles, autos and rubbish, after getting out of a super crowded MTC bus.
For you only, one more four letter word!

lubprog said...

I am planning to visit Hawaii myself in a couple of months and if you dont mind sharing which island are you on and whats that hotel you are at. It looks great.

WA said...

Hawaii epdi irukkunnu yaarachum kettomaa enna?

MLC said...

hawkeye,i'm not goin to hide my "j" factor and say "hv a good time, nice fr u" etc etc ...

cha! I'm totally "J" and wished i was there instead of u (w/ my aal too;-)!!)

Vee Cee said...

forget sunset and all that. inga set aara sun-dhaan angayum set aardhu! post some pics of those hula girls man. oh sorry! forgot. u r there with the wife. that too alu paratha feeding wife.

MauiLover said...

nice...was there in maui early Feb- was an awesome experience and time :)

Enjoy while you are there- would be difficult to come back to the cold midwest

Anonymous said...

hawaiilayum alu paratha va? damn..

Hawkeye said...






madras'la iruntharukanum naan this week. visa prechanai so hawaii going. madras'a pakkarthukkum koduthu vechirukanum.

i was actually looking fwd to ur review of TFLW. i havent seen it. but i see that u did not like it. ur review of guru (well not exactly urs) was awesome.

Hawkeye said...


i went kauaii. i will write a detailed travelogue soon.


:-) kekelainaaalum solven - sollama seiyarthu-thaan enga style. (replied to ur comment in blog ula post)


make it happen this year itself then :-)


i heard maui is the party island. i went to the romantic one. good place. came back to midwest. horrible.


all the pre-planned and koodave taken.

Hawkeye said...


hula girls more in honolulu, maui. not so much in kauaii

Harish said...

solla koodadhu nu nenachadha solla vekkarenga..

"ada paavi!!"