Monday, March 12, 2007

Terrible Ponting calls India's hypocrisy bluff

How dare he do this? Does he not know that India can only criticize and cannot take criticism? Does he not know that the only reason why Indians harp on off-field behavior is because we can't win as many test matches as the aussies? Ask him if his country-men can refrain from jealousy and if they can stay away from focussing on India's sledging and off-field behavior if India were #1 test playing nation and his team had only won 3 out of their last 10 test matches? How dare he take away our right to "invent" new standards. We have as much right to feel good about ourselves as his country-men.

How dare he insult sunny? Does he not know that this country of cricket mad (but very knowledgeable) fanatics actually believed Sunny's story about "I batted slow because I did not know how to adjust to One day cricket - oh! plus I didn't think we would win anyway".

Oh! Ya bad biased Aussie umpires. S.K. Bansal (was that his name?) zindabad! The great i-raised-my-hand-to-give-out-but-i-ended-up-scratching-my-head umpire Zindabad! My country-men! Please please spend precious hours of office time, Internet chat time, radio time, TV News time discussing how bad the Aussies are and how goodie goodie we Indians are as people. We have no faults. We are great! Bad Bad Aussies.


anantha said...

Hawkeye: I am one of those Indians, the same group that has be incensed by all this. But I think I have a valid grouse. I think Ponting is a dunce!

Australia's captain questioned his role in India's lack of recent Test success.

I mean, what role? Gavaskar has not been a selector for a long time.

He [Gavaskar] has been a big part of that, he has been a selector and he has been on the coaching committee

What? When? The last time he was directly worked with Team India was in '04 during their home series vs. Australia as a "batting advisor" as it was called.

Now, Ponting calling out Team India is perfectly fine if, lets say, Greg C. or even Kiran More had been doing the talking about Australia from India's side.

The point is, India doing bad can never be attributed to Gavaskar's failures while in charge of the team, cos he was never in charge in the first place in the last two years, the period that Ponting seems to highlight. Call me a prude, but that Ponting, he is a bastard!

anantha said...

This is like Karunanidhi getting blamed for fluctuations in corn prices in Kansas, just because he had a packet of corn puffs yesterday.

Hawkeye said...

isnt he in every "teginigal commitee" for indian cricket. isnt he also in that "national academy" in bangalore. plus whats sunny's record as a captain?

i am a big fan of gavaskar but , I wudnt give him any credit for on/off field behavior. i dont think this diminishes him as a cricketer. but lets call a spade a spade

anantha said...

Hawkeye: He's in the ICC's technical committee, which is not related to Indian cricket directly. And the NCA is not directly related to the team either. So, call the spade a spade only when the spade is actually being used to do something. Like I said, blame Karunanidhi for his own blood sugar fluctuation, not the fluctuations in corn syrup prices in Kansas.

I am not defending India's record. I am only defending the unsuitability of the blame. It just takes focus away from what exactly Gavaskar said, which had nothing really to do with Australia's performance, but their actual behaviour on the field. So, going by the same bargain, let's face it and call that spade a spade too, while we are at it.

Jason said...

A critis like Gavaskar makes such critisal comments about everyone, so Australian team captain Pointing, (Pointed? or Pointer?) must understand that he cant stop the yapping and extremely teginically inclined Gavaskar, whose bat stopped doing the talking years ago. S K Bansal was not the guy, it was R C Sharma, but thats ok.. Who cares about names.. An umpire by any other name is still an umpire!

Hawkeye said...


u r just catching a minor technicality that ponting said gavaskar was a selector. look at the other things ponting has said.

"We all know the way he played his cricket, don't we?,""

""For him to go on about behaviour, not too many captains have dragged their teams off the field, either," "

"Have a look at how many Test matches they have won. He [Gavaskar] has been a big part of that..... They might want to start to look at the way they play their own cricket rather than looking at us"

i agree with all of this. especially the last part [They might want to start to look at the way they play their own cricket rather than looking at us]. i hate people using the "avan mattum pannaliya" argument. people who do that deserve the "nee mattum enna ozhungu" argument. which is what is happening here.


think careffully. did i say s.k bansal scratched his head?

s.k. bansal was the dubious umpire who cud beat any aussie umpire in the home based home based prejudice department. about 90% of the LBWs he gave in favor of indian spinners are debatable.

Anonymous said...

DIdnt Gavaskar talk about the on field behavior of Australians? He didnt say "Indians are better because we have better on field behavior"

That is the only point he made. I thought Ponting is using the "nee mattum pannalaiya argument" with gavaskar.

So if Alan Donald points out to Ponting that Australians have bad on field behavior, is it alright then? Because they have a good test record? What if Viv Richards says the same thing?

Whether India won games abroad or whether we were good players onfield doesnt have anything to do with gavaskar's remark.


Hawkeye said...


by the same logic. There is nothing wrong with what ponting said either?

Jason said...

Gosh! What was i thinking?
Now i have thunk very carrrfullly...

90%? Is that a stat you picked from Mohandas Menon?

Anonymous said...


Enna mairu madiri comment? So you are a smart ass, vera enna ippo?


Hawkeye said...

/*Gosh! What was i thinking?
Now i have thunk very carrrfullly...*/

dude! we have all played the smart ass before. the post never said S.K Bansal scratched his head (i think that was pretty obvious). u assumed so. I couldn't recollect Prof. sharma's name. all i knew was some bloody fool did that when Jadeja was batting against SL.

Jason said...

Jason said...


Rastafari said...

I agree with you Hawkeye but tell me, did you copy from Nilu's post on the same topic or vice versa????

Nilu said...

1. Gavaskar was not a selector in recent times. In fact, I don't remember when he was.

2. He was not the coach. Ever.

3. He played his Cricket when there was no code of conduct and no neutral umpires. And when Lilee was at his worst.

4. None of this matters because Ponting was accused of bad manners. Not poor cricket. And Ponting responded by showing why he is an idiot.

Hawkeye said...


i wrote it some 5-6 hours before I posted. but I posted after he had posted his. I went back and changed my post a little bit because we had used very similar words (I used 'arise o' country men' etc).


1. as i told anti. thats the only factual mistake ponting made.

2. no. he was a coach. but thats just a technicality. ajit wadekar or anshuman gaekwad had a heart attack during some series. sunny was asked to take over as coach for the remainder of the series. he doubled as a commentator/coach. he won 1 game and lost 1 game as coach. (i think it was sharjah). but thats just a technicality. what peeves me is that he has failed in whatever capacity he has been with indian team. he has been a "batting consultant" off and on for many many years. he is in the NCA committee, which is like a big thing. he has done nothing. he stupidly sat on the ICC tech committee and purpotedly was the only guy who blocked 'hawkeye' technology (u shld know better). somebody ought to yell at gavaskar.

3. so? doesnt change the fact that he was poor off-field. pushing sharad pawar out of the podium wasn't breaking the CoC either. but gavaskar's comments about aussies stem from that.

4. valid point. but i still think its ok. if ponting is so full of it. gavaskar is so full of it too.

(all that is fine. enna katchi thaaval?)

Nilu said...

Taking over in Sharjah because of the coach's heart attack does not count. Being the batting consultant does not either. NCA is a joke anyway -- who cares and how do you know he did not do well? All the above positions have no transparency and are not really important. Better still, you don't know and can't tell if he was any good.

Regarding his on-field behavior -- you can't compare players from the 80s with the players from this era. It's an unfair comparison -- remember Holding's famous stump kicking photograph?

In short, you can judge Gavaskar only on two parameters -- his commentary, his batting. The former average, the latter very good.

All that, as mentioned, is irrelevant. As is his motive. Pushing Sharad Pawar or sight adichhing his wife don't matter. Ponting was told his team's behavior sucked. Which is an opinion anyone is allowed to have.

To which, he replied like Sudish Kamath.

Hawkeye said...


i agree mostly. xcept for this.

/* As is his motive. */

as i said in my response to prabhu's comment. i think u r focussing on whether ponting's comment was relevant to gavaskar's criticism. this is not some mature argument that deserves this kind of standards. i think its a mud slinging fest between 2 idiots. ponting isn't obligated to respond specifically to only what gavaskar has said. I dont think gavaskar's criticism deserves that kind of respect. the first time i read it i felt like saying "nee mudittu irudaa" - which is what ponting has said.

if u were ponting and u felt this gavaskar fellow was on some agenda and throwing arbit stuff at you. would just sling mud at him (or)would you respond precisely?

Hawkeye said...

plus! i wrote the post because i thought many people stopped with calling ponting a stupid. i did not intend to defend ponting but just point out that gavaskar is an idiot too

Nilu said...

If it were me(I?), I would have simply told him I had sex with his wife. It's a smarter retort.

Hawkeye said...

anantha said...

Hawkeye: How can that be a mere technicality? I mean, Ponting referred to India performing badly when Gavaskar was in charge of the team in some form. But Gavaskar was never in charge, so that whole logic is invalid. The attribution is all wrong. And I think that's no technicality. And as for him talking about Gavaskar's behavior, I agree with all of Nilu's points. Gavaskar did that when Lillie was at his worst. Gavaskar has said in the past that he started walking toward the pavilion first and was given a "send off" as he walked past Lillie and he says that was when he turned and asked Chauhan to leave. I would tend to believe Gavaskar. Because just eight months later, Lillie would set off (Cricinfo says so) the other famous incident with Miandad.

Hawkeye said...


my point is u are doing the classic mistake of glorifying/justifying gavaskar just because ponting cant argue very well. gavaskar was as bad as ponting or lilee.

I said...

Ponting's very intention was to respond with something, relevant or not.

and on technology..

I kinda agree with that. Though Gavaskar vetoed it for the wrong reasons.

Nilu said...

By the way, Hawk Eye was not ready. And still isn't.

Hawkeye said...


u know better. but i thought rejecting hawk eye for wind factor based reasons was ridiculous. given the alternative.