Friday, March 30, 2007

Songs with Awesome Videos - I

Peter Gabriel is known for giving us awesome music videos. "Digging in the Dirt" comes to mind every time I think of well picturized songs. This is one of those songs where he not only comes up with a good music but picturizes it to perfection. I agree that technology elevates this song to a different level but you need some amount of creativity and imagination to make technology work for you. This song so fills up my imagination that I sometimes can't believe someone could conceive such a sequence.


sowmya said...


First time to ur blog..Nice to read ur post regarding saturday and sunday samayal. "padikarappo thonithu..ennathan pidikum sapda" -by the by I like all the items what you have mentioned in that post :) "Etharthamana" blog after a long time

Hawkeye said...


thanks for visiting and for the kind comments. i will follow some of your recipes and write a review on on it :-)